#NSFWednesday: For Never Mine by Odessa Hywell


We are so pleased to be able to bring you a #NSFW peek into Odessa Hywell's For nEver Mine, which released in July!  If you missed them, check out Janet and Jacqueleen's Reviews here!  If you read to the end, you can save 15% by buying your copy direct from the author!

How far would you go to protect your brother?

When Shiloh, a young alpha, realizes his omega brother is being mistreated by the brutal pack he was sent to help, he refuses to stand idly by while Riley suffers. In order to break the pack bond forced upon Riley and escape Alpha Gearhart, Shiloh does the unthinkable.

He mates with his big brother.

As they flee to safety and sanctuary, Shiloh and Riley are unable to deny the pull of the intense new bond between them. But as they struggle to adapt to the change in their dynamic, the threat of Alpha Gearhart’s retaliation looms over them.

Can Shiloh protect his omega mate? Or will the brothers be forced to choose between loyalty and survival by a ruthless alpha who will stop at nothing to reclaim Riley?"


“Y-Ye—” I clear my throat as the words break into a moan. “Yeah. I can come like this. Just don’t stop.”

“Stop.” His laugh is broken as he presses against my back and pumps into me. The heat of his body seeps into mine and I bounce back to meet him, wheezing for breath. “I’m not going to last much longer.”

Oh, fuck. He’s close too. Soon, we’ll be locked together by his knot. My alpha’s knot. The knowledge makes my stomach clench and my balls draw up tight. Heat gathers at the base of my spine as I pant. The scent of our mutual desire fills my nose. I can’t get enough of him. Shiloh growls in my ear. His knot is already swelling.

“You’ve got to come, Riley—now.”

I’m compelled to obey. His order alone is enough to have me crying out. My cock jerks and I shake. The edge of my vision goes dark and I squeeze my eyes closed, reaching down to stroke myself. The pleasure is intense—a hundred tiny explosions at once. Or maybe one big one—a bomb big enough to decimate me.

Shiloh groans and grinds against my ass. His knot blooms inside of me. I whine and attempt to twist away from the almost uncomfortable stretch. It feels like too much. Shiloh growls and holds me in place, his thrusts shallow as he floods my hole with cum.

Sanity is slow to return as we attempt to catch our breath. The fog of lust clears and . . . I bow my head, so ashamed—of myself, of what I’ve done, of what I’ve allowed to happen. But I can’t run away. I’m tied together with my little brother.

His knot holds me prisoner as I brace against the car.

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