Leo on Fire FBI Files, Book 2 By: Patricia Logan Narrated by: Michael Dean

Leo on Fire is a captivating story and a brilliant narration.

From the blurb:

Some days, fighting crime, just doesn’t pay.

FBI Profiler, Leo Reeves, has settled into his new job and his new life in Los Angeles. Working with

Max Prince every day in the office is fulfilling but not as satisfying as burning up the sheets with him every night at home. Their first case together as partners resulted in the bad guys either behind bars or six feet under, but neither man thinks they’ve put an end to the murderous ring. As time goes on, and they interview the ones they did manage to arrest, the agents realize a much larger organization is at work.

Could a criminal mastermind be controlling multiple cells of murderers?

When one of their team is gunned down in a senseless mass shooting, Leo and Max are fueled by a new motive…rage. As more of the corpses from their first case are identified, new information about the kidnapping ring begins to emerge. When they realize copycats are mirroring the work of famous serial killers, things go from bad to worse. For Leo, working as a profiler has always been his passion but he begins to rethink everything when one copycat starts skinning his victims.

When they connect the gunman to a notorious criminal biker gang, things get even uglier.

On top of everything else, Max’s past comes back to bite him when his sweet pooch is threatened by a stalker. And if they haven’t led a life filled with complications until now, Leo and Max learn an old nemesis of Snow and McCallahan is connected to the case. From the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown L.A. to the scorching deserts around Victorville, criminals seem to be coming out of the woodwork to mess with them both.

Lesetiger's Review:

Patricia Logan has written another fantastic book in the FBI Files series, Leo on Fire.

After Special Agent Max Prince and FBI profiler Leo Reeves supposedly close a case, they unfortunately discover they were wrong. And so they set up further investigations. The storylines started in the first book of the series continue here, so I recommend reading the books in order.

Leo and Max's relationship has also evolved and they begin to have deep feelings for each other.
The story captivated me from beginning to end and I found it very hard to stop the audiobook in between.

However, it was also super exciting. Leo and Max are on the trail of a psychopath along with the team and they see some murders. They are confronted with a copycat killer, and Leo is confronted with his past. Time is running out as the next victim is sure to be found soon.

I loved meeting protagonists from the author's previous books again. In general, the team around them and their interaction with each other as a team were a bright spot in the gloomy case.

I found it great to meet protagonists from the author's earlier books again. In general, the team around Max and Leo and their interaction with each other was a bright spot in this dark case.

The audiobook was narrated by Michael Dean, and he did a fantastic job. I could feel every emotion and the emotions were very varied and multi-faceted. Michael Dean gave different voices to the characters, and it was a great pleasure to listen to this audiobook.

There is a slight cliffhanger at the end - so I am already looking forward to the third volume in the series!

Highly recommended!

🎧 Audiobook Review 🎧
Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Performance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Story: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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