Heartless by Robin Knight

Sometimes it takes extenuating circumstances to tie lives together that maybe wouldn't have worked out with a push. These puzzle pieces wouldn't have worked without the right push in the right direction. Molly read Heartless by Robin Knight.

From the blurb:

♥ Hurt/Comfort
♥ Corporate Romance


If money makes the world go round, then the real estate market in New York is the engine that keeps the planet spinning. As one of Manhattan’s elite realty agents, it’s my job to wine, dine and do whatever it takes to close the deal. Yes sir, I act the part and look the part. Designer suit… immaculate. Hair… precision. Body… perfection. Well, maybe not quite, but I’m not about to let anyone know the flaw in this outwardly flawless power single.

So when my secret chink-in-the-armor begins to show, I’ll do whatever I need to protect myself, especially when it comes to putting Jax Lockhart — the newest, slickest, sexiest agent at Vanquest Realty — in his place. With the help of my assistant Bailey, I’ll do what it takes to bring Jax down. The last thing I was ever expecting was to fall for the enemy… and my assistant Bailey too!


Without any possible rhyme or reason, I’ve been in love with my boss Ashton since the day I started working for him. I have no idea what this irresistible attraction is, especially when he’s the total opposite of me! He’s filthy rich and handsome beyond words, possessing the kind of confidence, ambition and uber-success that I could never match… or even want to match. That’s okay, I have no problems pining over him from afar while I live my quiet little life, looking after my Grammy and scraping together enough to pay the bills.

But then one day Jax Lockhart walks into the offices of Vanquest Realty… the very same Jax Lockhart I’d fallen head over heels in love with at the orphanage where we’d both grown up. Now what was I to do? Continue dreaming about the boss I could never have? Or rekindle the flame that two kids shared a lifetime ago? I’m tempted to keep both of my secret crushes a secret… until I find out that both Ashton and Jax each have secrets of their own.

HEARTLESS is an enemies-to-lovers, opposites-attract, hurt/comfort standalone 50k MMM romance, with steam, swoon and secrets galore. After all, love works in mysterious ways!

Molly's Review:

Well, this is one of those books I will not soon forget. Three men's lives are intertwined so beautifully and heart wrenchingly that you won't know how to feel once finished. The relationships are so raw and encompassing that these men were meant to change and better the other in ways none truly understand til it all comes to head and you will be left crying and smiling for their love all at the same time. 

Truly masterful, I cannot recommend enough for when you need a book to let all the emotions soar.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heartless is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.