Got Me Feeling (Vet Shop Boys Book 8) by Casey Cox

What's a little low key stalking between friends? Can you move on from your past to make a better future? Got Me Feeling is Casey Cox's latest addition to the Vet Shop Boys in showing your past is not what defines you, but what you do to move past it.

From the blurb:

I'm a thug. I've done bad things. And I'm straight… So why can't I get the sexy Aussie vet out of my head?

When I showed up on my brother's doorstep three years ago, I'd hit rock bottom. Broke and homeless, with a miles-long trail of destruction in my wake.

Those days are behind me. I'm rebuilding my life. Staying focused. Disciplined. Busy. If I'm not working to pay back my debts, I'm helping out at my brother's animal shelter. Whatever it takes to keep my impulses under control.

And then I meet Locky, the new Aussie vet. His husband cheated, kicked him out, and is threatening to turn their divorce nuclear.

My newfound control snaps. I have to help, even if the smart thing to do would be to stay away.

I definitely shouldn't give Locky a place to stay.
Or offer to be his wingman…with benefits.
Or get involved in his messy divorce.

Too late.

I may be straight, but Locky's triggered every possessive instinct I have. And that's what makes this situation dangerous. Because I do very bad things to protect the people I care about.

I've worked hard to start over, so why has Locky got me feeling I'd be willing to blow it all up for him?

Got Me Feeling is book 8 in the Vet Shop Boys series and can be read as a stand-alone. Expect plenty of humor, found family, bi-awakening, forced proximity, a possessive thug who's hiding a kitty-cute secret, and a heartwarming happily ever after!

SNik's Review:

Eighth in series (Vet Shop Boys), can be read as a standalone but might be more fun if read in order. Close proximity. Found family. Quick read. Dual POV. 

Veterinarian Locky is in the midst of a contentious divorce, and when a casual friend offers him a helping hand, he gladly accepts. Roman has had a crush on Locky since they first met. His protective instincts are in overdrive, so having Locky live with him allows Roman to stop the slight stalking he had been doing before in order to keep an eye on Locky. Roman has had a rough past, and he questions whether he is deserving of love and if he has really changed, but it is clear that he really cares. 

Locky is relatable in his wanting to get along and be agreeable, and his growth in making his personal needs a priority and being assertive are heart-warming. Every interaction between Locky and Roman is sweet and emotional, along with plenty of chemistry that makes it obvious that feelings are building. 

I’m glad there was no relationship angst between Locky and Roman and that they communicated honestly throughout. 

If this is the end of this series I’m sad, but really happy to have read all of the HEA’s for this special group of guys.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Molly Otto's Review:

We met Roman a while back in the Vet Shop Boys, and it's good to see all the progress he has made in becoming a better person after a not so pretty past. 

Locky is going through a not so pretty divorce, and with the help and encouragement of the Vet Shop Boys, he is able to grow and learn to stand on his own after his toxic marriage.  

These two show with open communication that you are able to overcome your pasts and build a lasting relationship. All in all, it's a great quick read. I have read some of the previous books from this series, but I didn't find it necessary to enjoy this installment.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

Roman is a guy who has a bit of a challenge with anger when someone he cares about is being threatened. He has spent time in jail and is currently trying to make up for some of his bad actions. He went to his brother after getting out first since he already owed his brother so much. There he ran into Locky. Right from the start, Roman was attracted to Locky. The problem at the time was Locky was married.  

Locky is currently trying to deal with a bad breakup and a worse divorce. He is a pretty submissive type personality and his husband more than ran over him. He finds he needs help from Roman and as they spend time together, Roman helps him learn to stand up for himself.

This is a warmhearted story about two guys both needing to deal with past issues. The secondary characters played a big part in this story, especially Roman’s brother Bishop. I enjoyed the story and am sorry it is the end of the series.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I'm so glad that we got to see Roman get his HEA and also the progress he's made since we first met him...I love how protective and sweet he is with Locky and how they both encourage and build each other up.

It was also great to see the rest of the Vet Shop Boys playing supporting roles and helping this couple get and stay together... I also absolutely loved the foster kittens and Roman's chats with them...

This book was warm, well paced and the relationship itself was fairly low angst... most of that came from Locky's ex... you don't need to have read what has come before to enjoy this story, but since we're at book 8, there are a lot of lovey dovey couples to share their advice...

Rating 4.5 stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"Have you ever met someone and known, just known deep inside, that this person was gonna mean something to you?"

I just loved Locky and Roman. As soon as I met Locky when he first arrived working at the Vet Shop Boys, I knew I wanted a book for him. Sadly, it took his absolute shithead of a husband to finally show his true colors for it to happen. Poor Locky. He was such a laid back sweet guy. I have no idea how a man like his ex convinced him to sign on for life. I know this is a Casey Cox lighthearted book so there wasn't going to be any unaliving happening, but man, I was hoping he made an exception for this dirt bag.

Roman ended up being the perfect partner for Locky. After his separation, Locky spent a lot of time blaming himself for not being enough. With Roman, he never had to question that. When Roman falls for someone, he falls hard and he makes that person the center of his world. Some may say Roman's semi-obsessive feelings pass the line of healthy. Locky is not some people. Having Roman's undivided attention gives him the security he needs in their budding relationship. It also helps that Roman doesn't mind the fact that Locky is kind of a slob. That man needs to learn how to use a laundry hamper.

As expected, all the guys were super supportive of them both. Their reaction to being told the news that Locky and Roman were dating was a great scene and made me smile. I don't know if this is the last book planned in the Vet Shop Boys series, but if it is, I know for sure I will definitely miss this group of wonderful guys.

Rating: 5 Stars

Got Me Feeling is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.