Gift for a Demon, Possessive Love by Emily Alter

A Gift for a Demon against his will, Dave is unsure if this is hell or he's just having one of his episodes that lands him in the psychiatric ward again. Melchom has never had a gift with such an interesting mind, and the ways they are able to relate to each other are unusual and welcome. But Dave might be part of a prophecy which may regain Melchom his crown or cause his death, and Melchom has to decide if Dave might just be worth the risk.

From the blurb:

Dave never planned on becoming a human gift to the dethroned King of Hell.

Overlooked and cast away, Dave had to learn how to protect himself and fight his own battles. Of course, no one taught him how to survive in Hell, if that was even where he was.

Melchom had once ruled over Hell until a human betrayed and stole his crown. Now Hell’s paymaster and with the scars to show for it, he’s vowed not to make the same mistakes. But how could he say no to the most enticing man he’d ever seen? One who offered up his fear for Melchom to feast on so willingly?

It’s not an issue of chemistry. Hell is a complex ecosystem, and there are more forces and prophecies in place than either of them could’ve ever foreseen.

PS: Check out the list of kinks and content warnings at the beginning of the book!

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Possessive Love) but all are standalone stories. Paranormal. Heed content warnings. 

Dave unknowingly becomes a sacrifice to a prince of hell. A human gift for a fear feeding demon, but he is unsure whether he is just having one of his episodes or he really is in hell. Melchom welcomes his new gift, but this human has an intriguing mind and ability to keep Melchom interested and well fed, so he renames him Dove. Melchom is a powerful demon with mind reading capabilities, but due to Dave’s mental health issues, their relationship is constantly being negotiated and altered, which ends up working on a different level for both of them. 

Plenty of steamy times with several kinks, Dave and Melchom create their own dynamic that surprises both of them and leads to a caring relationship. 

Gift for a Demon is chaotic and scattered at times, but the second half of the story comes together to give Dave and Melchom a promised HEA.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Nicole's Review:

Hot Hot Hot!!! Poor Dave has no family connections, and is betrayed by his only friend. He is sacrificed as a gift for the dethroned king of Hell, Melchom. 

I wasn't expecting a whole lot of plot, and was pleasantly surprised with what we got! The way the author depicted Dove's schizophrenia was so unique, and I loved that it wasn't even considered to "fix" him. 

It was fun to see him start off so shy about his body at the beginning to embracing living in the beautiful lingerie that Melchom likes to dress him in. I wasn't 100% sure about all of the kinks in the TWs, but they were so well done I found myself loving them! 

This was my first book by Emily Alter, but I will definitely be reading more. I can't wait to finish the other stories in the Possessive Love world.

Gift for a Demon is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.