Forever Together (The Undead Detective Agency Book 4) by Shelby Rhodes

We have come to the conclusion of the Undead Detective Agency in Forever Together and it's a wild ride to be had. This can not be read as a standalone. You will miss too much from previous installments. 

From the blurb:

Octavius Evander here. I suppose you have come to see how it all ends. Well, ‘ends’, as in, we’ve reached the end of this part of my story. It wouldn’t be proper of me to move on until we finish it all
off, right?

As this is the last book in this series, I feel it is my duty, to end things with a bang! A glittery bang. By bang, I mean, a giant, super cool, Halloween party. And what a party it was… Costumes, decorations, family, frenemies, scares, Turney screaming and clinging on to me—fun times! Not so fun was the interruption to said party. It really was unfair to me. I was on vacation from real murder and mayhem—case related mayhem only—yet somehow, someone had the audacity to be murdered. Inconsiderate people all around!

But you didn’t all come here just for the Halloween party. I know that. There is a certain someone you are waiting to hear about, I’m sure. A certain horrible, maggot of a person. Well…you won’t be disappointed. That issue will be solved, once and for all. The question you may be asking yourselves now is, how will it be solved? All I’m willing to say is, it happened in an unusual and extremely unprepared way. While, you shouldn’t worry too much, as my story, my precious Turney’s story, has a happy ending…it may be good to keep in mind that happiness sometimes shines brightest right after despair.

CONTENT WARNING: This is an M/M paranormal romance book. There will be blood, violence, gore, mention of SA (no on-page details), and death. Please do not read if you find any of the previous situations triggering.

Molly Otto's Review:

We have come to the conclusion of Octavius and his merry band of misfits and what can you really say but buckle up and enjoy the descent into this wild world? 

We go back to solving a murder along with stopping the man that hurt our Turney. Shelby brings us Octavius 'children ' who are just another version of his beautiful chaos, just in different ways, along with the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties! 

Forever Together shows heart and soul in helping our new friends move on from the trauma of their pasts, yet still does show the pain they are still enduring from those events.

This ends in an epic battle that will repercussions that last in hopefully future cases and spin-offs from this main series.

This can not be read as a standalone. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Forever Together is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.