Fool's Gold By: Ki Brightly, M.D. Gregory Narrated by: Keval Shah

Ethan is from the rundown side of town while Jonas comes from the upper class side of town.  Both guys have lived such opposite lives, yet they have this attraction. Reedkaye
reviewed Fool's Gold.

From the blurb:

The Bad Boy from the Trailer Park.
There are certain unwritten rules in the Lakeview Trailer Park, and number five is clear—No Gay Stuff.

Ethan “Shep” Shepherd has grown up hiding his true self so he doesn’t get kicked out of the only home he knows, but that doesn’t mean he can’t dream of a better life with the beautiful man who lives across the river. As a criminal, Ethan knows Jonas is too good for him, but when another one of the trailer park guys decides to attack Jonas, Ethan steps in and changes the course of their lives.

The Good Boy from the Religious Family
Jonas Nomikos is trying to survive his parents and their conservative views until he gets to college, where he can finally be himself. It isn’t an easy task to pretend to be the son they want, and when his best friend tells the truth to Jonas's parents, he’s sure his life is over. Until Ethan. Ethan gives him hope and makes him smile, and Jonas wants to be with him, even if it means saying goodbye to the only life he knows.

The Road to Being Who They Are
If Ethan and Jonas want to be together, they’ll need to make sacrifices. The journey to happiness is filled with surprises, and Ethan isn’t sure Jonas is ready to accept the reality of his life—which includes motorcycle clubs, breaking the law, and living payday to payday. Jonas might shock him, though.

Fool's Gold has a theme of overcoming prejudice and contains depictions of homophobia and discrimination, including scenes in a conversion camp. The authors do not condone homophobic behavior or discrimination of any kind.

Reedkaye's Review:

This is a great background story for Ethan and Jonas.  

Ethan has had a hard life. Even the brother who took care of him ended up getting killed in jail, and Ethan was left on his own, living in a dumpy trailer. That is until Jonas came into his life.

Jonas is a good kid following the rules and trying to survive his parents until he can get away to college. That doesn’t work out when his friend outs him to his parents. They have no plans on having a gay son and plan on sending him away to fix him.  

Together, they both learn from each other and forge a future neither had even dreamed of.
I enjoyed their interaction with King and some of the King members. Undertaker’s rules were enlightening.

The narration by Keval Shah I enjoyed until he became the voice of Jonas’s mom. I think he definitely could do something better for a female voice.

Rating: 5 Stars

Fool's Gold is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.