Danny Doormat (book 1) and Seeking Sky (book 2) - Art of Love, Portland by Rowan McAllister

"Great start to series - heartfelt, heartwarming and just quite simply, brilliant!!" Miki J read both Danny Doormat and Seeking Sky and has combined the reviews for both.

From the blurb for Danny Doormat:

Asa isn’t looking for romance. Danny thinks it’s out of reach. Shared memories, mutual truths, and new adventures kindle a spark between them that neither expects.

No matter how messed up his own life is, Danny Dorfmann is the guy everyone can count on when they need a favor. So when his friend and secret crush, Asa Behar, has a family emergency and needs a last-minute sitter for his 120-pound pitbull, of course Danny won’t say no.

Since the loss of his husband, Asa has coasted through his days, keeping it together but not really living. Reconnecting with his once close-knit group of friends is the first step in reclaiming his life. Deepening his relationship with Danny could be the most important.

If a roommate from hell, meddling friends, and well-intentioned family don’t douse the embers, they might just find they’re each other’s true flame. Dependable Danny will have to stand up and stop letting them walk all over him, if he wants his happily ever after.

Danny Doormat is a sweet contemporary slow-burn, friends to lovers, where the guy who everyone overlooks finally finds the man who sees him for who he is. First in a series where artists find love—Portland style.

From the blurb for Seeking Sky:

Sky’s been lost so long he doesn’t know what being found looks like, but Xander isn’t a man to let go when he finally gets what he wants.

Sky Weaver is a hot mess. Just ask him.

Behind on rent. Broke as f*&k. The poster child for “starving artist.” When his BFF, Rory, offers him a part-time assistant gig at his office, Sky can’t afford to refuse, even if it has disaster written all over it.
Alexander York seems to have it all: looks, brains, his own company, and the love and support of his billionaire grandfather to name a few. But the traumatic loss of his parents left physical and emotional scars. He’s hidden the deepest parts of himself, the wounds and the hopes, behind thick walls, waiting for that one special someone.

Their stormy romance opens a pandora’s box of emotion neither saw coming and the people in their lives don’t understand. If Sky wants a chance at a happiness he isn’t even sure he deserves, he’ll have to do the one thing he’s never been able to before— trust.

Seeking Sky is an angsty contemporary where a disaster twink and his cool, collected CEO redefine office romance, and where even jagged puzzle pieces find their fit. Book 2 in a series where artists find love—Portland style. Can be read as a standalone.

Miki J's Review:

Beautifully written stories about fighting your way back after hitting rock bottom. They can be read as standalones... just a cameo from characters in book 1 into book 2.  

Doormat Danny - Told from 2 POV's - Danny, who is struggling with just about everything and Asa, Danny's older brother's best friend, who is also slowly returning to "life" after the death of his husband. 

Very sweet story with plenty of emotion and heart-ache. I really felt for Danny, poor guy just needs a break... and when it finally started to happen, I cheered!! 

College/schooling is not for everyone. And as for Asa... very patient and genuine... protective, but not overly-so - he thrived when he saw Danny thriving. They both found each other when they truly needed. Just a beautiful story!!  

Seeking Sky (book 2) - Sky... is very passionate and talented artist who's hit a very low point. Starts a new job, thanks to Rory - his friend - which isn't quite in his skill-set, but he tries. And Xander - I found it hard to understand this character at first... but the titbits we get about them both actually sparked my interest and I needed to know how, when and all that... so it had a bit of a mystery. 

It's also heartwarming and mild-angst... friends/family who think they are helping... ya'know. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book very much.

Rating: 4 Stars

Danny Doormat is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Seeking Sky is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.