The Hang-Up by DK Sutton (Sloan Brothers book 3)

When your best friend is estranged from his father, but you've had a crush for ages and the man is staring holes through you at work, the slow burn might kill you or create an explosive relationship when you finally get together in The Hang Up by DK Sutton.

From the blurb:


When I catch a silver fox checking me out with hunger in his eyes, my body is instantly on board. My brain? Not so much. Because Joshua Miller, smoking hot billionaire, is also my best friend's dad. Houston, we have a problem. This gorgeous man is twenty years older than me and used to being in charge. But my bestie will never forgive me if I jump his dad. When Joshua recognizes me, his desire turns to shock and then nothing. Problem solved. Or is it?


I’ve never had a reaction this intense to anyone before, let alone a man. But when recognition sets in, my desire is doused with a cold bucket of reality. All grown up, Brock Abbott is sexy and confident and irresistible. He’s also off limits. My son already hates me and repairing our relationship is my number one priority. Except now my goals are shifting. Brock needs my help, and I can’t deny him anything. Even when I should.

After feeling alone for so long, I can’t resist Brock or this thing between us. He’s feisty, sweet, and beautiful. And mine. I can’t give him up. But making amends to my son won’t mean anything if I continue to lie to him. How much longer can I hide Brock away?

The Hang Up is 50,000+ words and is Book 3 in the Sloan Brothers series. It's a best friend's dad, age gap, bi awakening, mm romance that can be read as a standalone and has a HEA.

Heather's Review:

I truly enjoy the best friend's father trope - especially when there is already father/son tension... and DK Sutton serves up a proper cornucopia of daddy issues and angst in this book which features a bi-awakening, a bit of stalker behaviour, a very helpful personal assistant and lots of family drama...

The Hang Up was a quick and interesting read with a slow burn, a hidden relationship and a lot of growth in both main characters... there was just a touch of kink, but it wasn't a Daddy book per say - more of a relationship story with a protective, but insecure older man and a bit of a spanking fetish....

I appreciated the pacing and the interwoven family dramas and watching both men grow into their relationship and also deal with the outside issues.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Hang Up is currently available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.