#TeaserTuesday: Reimagine (Blue Mountain University #4) by A.E. Madsen


Today's #TeaserTuesday is delivering a sneak peek of AE Madsen's latest Blue Mountain University book, Reimagine. This book comes out on Friday September 15 and is currently available for preorder.

From the Blurb:


I'm on the verge of turning thirty and my little sister is getting married before me. It's not that I don't want to settle down and be an adult. I have a good job, I own my house, but so far a relationship hasn't been in the cards. Not that I can admit that when my sister offers to set me up with one of her bridesmaids. I may have lied about having a date, but I'm not showing up to the wedding alone. Taking my new roommate probably isn't what anyone had in mind, but there's something about Elliot that draws me in.


I wasn't planning on moving out. When I ran into a old family friend with a room to rent, it all kind of fell together. Just like offering to be his date for his sister's wedding. I should know better than this. Fake dating my straight childhood crush is a recipe for heart break. Wearing makeup or femme clothes won't turn me into the girl he's looking for. But if all of this is fake, why does it feel so real when he kisses me?

Reimagine is a MX pan-awakening roommates to lovers romance novel featuring a femme nonbinary main character and the man who loves them just the way they are. Although this is book four of the series it does standalone.


I beat Elliot to the couch and grab the remote as Derek’s words from earlier repeat in my head. Maybe I am a little jealous. Whatever is going on between me and Elliot, I can’t keep denying that I’m attracted to them.

Elliot plops down on the couch next to me. Without a word, they scoot closer, snuggling into me. I rest my arm on the back of the couch and scroll through the streaming app, looking for something to watch. I settle on a cake decorating contest, picking something I won’t have to think too hard about. But that only makes it harder to ignore the elephant in the room.

Holding Elliot like this is intimate. It only confuses the matter. I glance out of the corner of my eye, looking them over. My arm slides down, wrapping around Elliot’s shoulders. They lift their head, and our eyes meet. I’m not sure who closes the distance. I’m too focused on the feel of their lips on mine. Elliot sighs as they open their mouth. My tongue curls around theirs.

Then Elliot pulls back in a rush. “Sorry. I, uh ... we can call that practice for the wedding too, right? Or we can just forget the whole thing.” They stand up from the couch. “Sorry,” they mumble again, turning toward the hall.

“Elliot, wait.” I call after them, but the door slamming shut is the only answer I get. I’m so screwed. 

Reimagine is available for preorder now and will be available on Kindle Unlimited on September 15, 2023.