Rule Breakers by R. Cayden (Frisky Jocks book 1)

A proposition leads to an anonymous bathroom BJ before the MC's end up meeting professionally in Rule Breakers.

From the blurb:

Troy Frisk is a force in the sports world, but this secret is only ours...

Troy is Philly’s toughest sports agent. A famous grump, founder of the best agency in town, and my new representation.

Oh, and he’s also the stranger I accidentally picked up the other night, turns out.

I’m a soccer star at the start of my career.

I already have a reputation for acting impulsively, and my team is not impressed by the antics.

Hooking up again with my older, famous agent is a recipe for disaster, totally forbidden.

He’s straight anyway, and I’m not out of the closet.

So I will not tempt fate while my team is on a winning streak.

No matter how many times Troy Frisk and I find ourselves alone at the office or the gym.

Even if it turns out the old jock is weirdly, totally lovable.

And kind of perfect for me.

Rule Breakers is a standalone M/M romance with an age gap, forbidden shenanigans, and two jocks who can’t help but fall for each other. It’s an easy read with lots of steam and a touch of angst. Enjoy!

Heather's Review:

Meeting up with the wrong stranger leads to a bathroom BJ and strangers part... until Orlando walks into Troy's office and the end up working together.... and both men have a reason to hide their relationship...

Orlando has a history of drama, but wants to prove himself as a diligent pro soccer player.  Troy is still building his sports management business and wants to put out fires, not create them... plus, Troy has always thought he was straight....

Rule Breakers was well paced, with a grumpy/sunshine theme and the hidden/forbidden relationship, always looking over their shoulders... I really appreciated how the story crisis was handled and how they took charge of their own destiny.  I truly appreciated Mel, Troy's business partner and the other side characters!

I am intrigued to see where this series goes and can't wait to see more of Troy and Orlando as their relationship blossoms and more shenanigans ensue at Frisk Sports Management...

Rating: 5 Stars

Miki J's Review:

Double bi-awakening—sign me up! In a world of sports when it’s not really okay… sign me up again!  This story is cheeky, funny and as real life as you can get.

Troy was an up'n'coming baseball star until an injury forced him out. Now, he's become a very successful sports agent by being focused and looking after his players. Orlando is a rookie footballer who was just looking for a night out before knuckling down and focusing on his career... whelp, that all went sideways... hehehehehe!! He's such a cheeky git!! 

I enjoyed this story very much, well paced, mid angst and steamy without being overly spicy. You can feel the connection between them - just leaps off the page, and that big moment at the end.....**chefs kiss** perfection!!!

Brilliantly written story and very much look forward to the next installment!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Molly Otto's Review:

Great take on the agent/athlete dynamic in sports mm trope mixed in with my love of grumpy/sunshine. The chemistry of these two is undeniable and enjoyed their interactions with one another. Troy is a great agent for all his clients to ensure they will be taken care of better than he was as a player. Orlando is a fun-loving soccer player who has a tendency to toe the media spectacle line.

I appreciated how the concerns of the men were understandable and legitimate, where you can see these being real-life issues. But with these real-life issues, at times, i just felt a misstep between them that made me fall out of the moment. But with any good writer, R. Cayden draws you back in. 

Once they get on the same page, it's magical. Great overall read, and I will check out more from this author in the future.

Rating: 4 Stars

Rule Breakers is currently available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.