Reckless: A Black Diamond Novel (Unlucky 13) by Becca Steele

If you like your enemies to lovers to go from volatile to Steamy AF then you must check out Reckless, Becca Steele's addition to the Unlucky 13 multi-author series.

From the blurb:

Welcome to Black Diamond Resort and Spa…

An ultimatum from my football team manager landed me here on this far-flung tropical island, where I’m expected to work on my issues in a rehab centre for the elite.
But I’m not the only one here to curb their reckless behaviour. My teammate, Theo Lewin, has been banished to the island with me. Now we’re supposed to learn how to work together, otherwise we risk being transferred to another team.

There’s one small problem. We’ve hated each other since the day we met.

Forced to confront our issues with nowhere to escape, we’re expected to not only spend our days together, but our nights, too. This can only end one way. In disaster.

Except… I’m starting to see Theo in a different light. He’s not the aloof, pretentious person I thought he was. And from the way things are heating up between us, he might see me as something more than just the cocky, shallow thorn in his side.

There’s a saying… what happens on the island, stays on the island.
Before we go back to reality, we’re going to be reckless one last time.

Reckless is a standalone M/M romance between two professional football (soccer) teammates, with enemies to lovers and bi-awakening themes.
Please use the Look Inside feature to view potential triggers, or view the content warnings page on the author's website.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"I thought I could forget everything that happened on the island, but guess what? Being your friend is a fucking lost cause because you still make my fucking dick hard "

I love this author's brand of enemies to lovers. Steele has a way of making MCs who absolutely LOATHE each other somehow slowly turn that passionate hate into an all consuming love that is 100% believable. It's like their special brand of writer magic. Theo and Jordan were the same. These two have such a long-standing animosity that stems from meeting as young teens. You know how teens can be. They make snap judgements and those judgements stayed with them into their grown up careers as professional footballers. It was easy for them to not worry about since Theo and Jordan played in different leagues. That is, until Jordan gets traded to Theo's team. Oh, and did I mention they play the same position? *evil cackle*

Being in each other's orbit had Theo and Jordan constantly at each other's throats. When their issues started to influence more than just themselves, it was time for management to step in and their decision sent the men packing to good ol Black Diamond Resort. Forcing two volatile footballers to share the same villa was either going to end up with one dead or them finally being made to get along. I just don't think management expected them to get along so well they ended up sharing the same bed, not just the villa.

"The point is I'm a fucking catch."

"There's that modesty I love so much."

I really enjoyed watching Theo and Jordan get closer and their walls slowly coming down. Like I said before, they made judgements of each other based on meeting as teens. It was kind of a shock to both of them to learn the other wasn't exactly who they thought they were. It was even more shocking to them that the feelings that had begun to stir up on the Island followed them back home. Points have to be given cause they did fight it, but their connection was just too strong.

The side characters, aka their teammates, were also great additions to the story. Poor Ruben is going to have to invest in eye bleach after everything. I also really loved the dancer JJ who worked at the club, and I have to wonder if he'll ever have a story. I really would like to see him get an HEA as spectacular as Theo and Jordan.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Childhood misunderstandings breed rivalry bordering on hatred as Theo and Jordan are forced to reconnect on the pitch as teammates and it doesn't start out well...

I love the way Becca Steele weaves this story - from the bitter rivalry of their early teens to the proximity of playing together to the true forced proximity of sharing a bungalow at Black Diamond, these two men build up walls that need tearing down and then once they find their sweet spot, they leave the island and have to learn to navigate all over again...

This book is solidly in three parts and it works so well!  I love the angst, the empowerment and the eventual acceptance of both their sexuality and their love...

This book takes the best of Becca Steele's UK Football knowledge and combines it with a fabulous multi-author platform and truly embraces the transformational quality of the Black Diamond Resort...

Rating: 5 Stars

Reckless is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.