#NSFWednesday - Loving Jamie (Voyeurism #2) by Rebecca Louise


Today's #NSFWednesday brings the heat as we look at Loving Jamie, book two of Rebecca Louise's Voyeurism series. 

From the Blurb:

A two-man relationship grows into a throuple, but as they explore their newfound love, old problems resurface.

Jamie Black -
In my early 20s, I was involved in an abusive relationship that threatened to break me. When I finally found the courage to leave I was left with major trust issues and a few scars on my skin, but that didn't stop me from going after what I wanted, it actually left me feeling empowered.

I now run my own online adult website called Voyeurism Fans. I have the best friend I could ever wish for, and my group of friends are slowly starting to expand. When a new bond flourishes from a traumatic episode and a couple becomes a throuple, we learn to navigate our way to our happily ever after.

I always wanted a Daddy but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get two of my own.

Justin Flynn -
After spending years trying to protect my younger brother from our monster of a mother, we are finally getting justice for her wrongdoings. But the recurring nightmares are getting harder to ignore, which in turn are messing with my mental state.

The relationship between Jamie and me wasn’t meant to happen, but I’m glad it did. As our two-man relationship progresses, we try to bring William along for the ride. We want him and we know he wants us.

William Smith -
I have been in the kink community for over ten years, have had a few short relationships and a couple of flings, but nobody has ever made me feel the way they do. After opening my BDSM club in the heart of Manchester, I feel like I have achieved something huge, but the empty feeling in my chest is still there when I walk through the door alone every night.

I met Justin at a munch a few months ago and he’s quickly becoming a great friend. Jaime is the best friend of my brother Nate’s boyfriend. We all get along so well but now Jaime and Justin are inviting me into their relationship and not just for the night. I just don’t know what I’ll be able to contribute to the bond they already have. Can I open myself up to them and let them in without getting my heart trampled on?

Loving Jamie is book 2 in the Voyeurism Series and is an MMM Romance. Packed full of spice and plently of love between two Daddies and a boy with a traumatic past.


Crawling on my knees I settle in between his spread legs. He leans forwards and presses a surprisingly soft kiss to my lips. After a few seconds he pulls away and says, “I’m going to ram my cock down your throat. Tap my thigh twice when you need to breathe.”

And that’s all the warning I get before he grabs my hair and pulls my face towards his cock. I know Justin is a Dom but hearing him use that deep commanding voice with me really turns me on, and from the way Jamie whines I know it's getting to him too.

My jaw strains as I suck on his length as hard as I can, and my throat burns but I’m not a quitter. I use my finger tips to massage his balls and perineum, switching from gentle strokes to harder pressure. His cock twitches in my mouth as a wave of precum bursts down the back of my throat. He’s getting close, so I double my efforts into giving him the best blow job of his life.

My tongue and fingers work together to stimulate him and a few short moments later he groans, “Fuck. Fuck. I’m coming.” I barely taste the salty seed as he spurts down my throat. When he’s stopped twitching, I slowly pull back and suck in mouthfuls of air into my lungs.

We only have a few minutes before our food is scheduled to arrive. So, I drag Jamie onto my lap and lay on the floor. Twisting him around so we’re sixty-nining. “Suck me, angel.”

As soon as my cock is in his wet mouth, I look at Justin and tilt my head. He understands what I’m implying because he stands up and crouches next to my head.

I suck Jamie’s cock into my mouth at the same time Justin licks his exposed hole. Jamie’s movements stutter as his body flinches from the double stimulation. I use my hand to nudge the back of his head and he starts to suck again.

The room is full of wet smacking sounds as we work to bring each other to climax and after being face fucked by Justin, I know it’s not going to take me long to explode. When I open my eyes, I can see Justin’s tongue fucking in and out of Jamie’s hole. And when Jamie whines that’s all it takes for me to burst. My hips twitch as I flood Jamie’s mouth with my come.

When I’ve finished, Jamie lifts his head up and screams as he humps my mouth and Justin’s tongue. “AH Daddies… Fuck.” His body vibrates as his cum fills my mouth. The only sound in the room comes from our panting breaths.

Knock, Knock, Knock

“Food’s here.” 


Loving Jamie is currently available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.