I Went on an Adventure and All I Got was This Barbarian Orc: Crack Fantasy Adventure Chapter 2 by Jennifer Cody

Time for Chapter 2! The serial I Went on an Adventure and All I Got was This Barbarian Orc has a second installment.

From the blurb:


Starting an adventure is always an exciting time. I’ve gone on a few by myself, but nothing compares to gathering a full party and seeing how everyone will mesh. We might have a clumsy bard and a chaotic paladin, but with everyone working together, we’ll figure out what’s happening in Fasgard. We may have to break a few laws to do it, but I don’t think there’s anything an orc would change about that.
Well, I might change how quickly I’m getting attached to the necromancer, but there’s nothing to be done about that now; he’s mine.


I’m finally getting out of the palace, and I even manage to do it without breaking too many laws! Only, like, two, maybe three depending on your interpretation of “smuggler” and “spy.” My adventuring party is amazing. They like me, don’t flinch when I touch them, and are genuinely interested in my magic, and I don’t know if a necromancer could ask for anything more.

Well, except for maybe a few more hours of alone time with his traveling companion; I could definitely get behind (or rather in front of) that idea.

I Went on an Adventure and All I Got Was This Barbarian Orc is a five chapter serial fantasy adventure with a light-hearted, fun TTRPG vibe. Expect big magic, lots of cuddles, plenty of steam, and a team of characters that might not get a natural 20 on every roll, but they make up for it with creative solutions to both magical and mundane problems.

Jacquie's Review:

Short and sweet, Chapter 2 offers more adventure and magic as well as some steam with Lawton and Berklak getting it on. The pair are just adorable together!

Lawton is precious and might become one of my favorite Jennifer Cody characters next only to dear Romilly, of course!

There's a ton of magic, some nasty spider creatures (heed the trigger warnings on that if they upset you), and some looting. They wouldn't be an adventuring party without the looting!

There is an ongoing storyline, so this needs to be read in order to truly appreciate it.

The author's note at the end made me laugh with rolling for outcomes for certain characters - this could end up messy, but I love how unpredictable it is.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Chapter 2 is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.