Hex and the City, Stolen Hearts, Book 1 By: Nazri Noor Narrated by: John Solo

Fun! I enjoyed Nazri Noor’s writing style, and he made the two main characters endearing. The narrator, John Solo, did a great job narrating Hex and the City

From the blurb:

Leon Alcantara is a real son of a witch.

The last in a proud line of witches, he’s come to test his small magic in the big city. Stealing enchanted artifacts pays the rent, but the competition is fierce. And handsome. And great at magic too.

But Maximilian Drake and his dark, brooding glances are the least of Leon’s problems. A chain of anomalies surges through the city, strange distortions in reality that threaten both Dos Lunas and its people.

Suspected by the arcane authorities, Leon is forced to work with his nemesis to clear his name. But Max is so secretive over his shrouded past. Can he even be trusted? Leon must decide before the anomalies destroy the city—and his entire life.

Alyssa P's Review:

Hex and the City was snarky and funny. There were a few scenes where I was like “really?” at the absurdness between the characters. Leon and Maximilian were funny and snarky together. Leon was especially snarky, and he constantly teased Maximilian! I enjoyed their relationship dynamic and the way they steadily got closer. There were definitely some steamy scenes!

Beyond Leon and Maximilian’s relationship, there is an interesting mystery that they both have to solve. I enjoyed the world of magic Nazri Noor created, and the plot was well executed.

The narrator, John Solo, did a great job bringing this story to life!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Hex and the City is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.