Fated Mates: an MM Paranormal Romance Charity Anthology - Section 1

Fated Mates
is a Paranormal Romance Charity Anthology from some of your favorite MM authors!

It features new, exclusive stories from Kiki Clark, Mia Monroe, Louisa Masters, Kelly Fox, Sheena Jolie, Jennifer Cody, Nikole Knight, Vinni George, Chloe Archer, Meghan Maslow, Lee Colgin, Kelex, H.L Day, Grae Bryan, AJ Sherwood, Michele Notaro, Lisa Oliver, Ariana Nash, Michelle Frost, and JP Sayle.

All royalties will be donated to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and the ACLU's Drag Defense Fund.

With there being 20 amazing authors in the Fated Mates charity anthology, the reviews have been split up into sections. The reviews here are for Section 1.

~Louisa Masters - Aether and the Elements:

"We're mates, Perry." This morning a meth lab fell through my kitchen ceiling, I lost my job, and my car broke down, officially making today the worst day of my life. The last thing I need to deal with is a naked, green-haired man with a loose grip on reality.

Or is it just that reality isn't what I think it is?

Nicole’s Review:

On the worst day of Perry's life, he meets Aether who has some pretty wild claims about being his mate, and their destiny to save the world. This was such a unique take on a paranormal universe! Louisa was able to put her talent into crafting wildly entertaining characters, and my only complaint was that the story was so short!

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen’s Review:

This was such a whimsical and fun novella introducing a new world created by Louisa Masters. I loved meeting Aether and all the elements. Each of them have such fun personalities. Then there's Perry. Poor Perry who thinks he's met a group of whackos. I'd probably act the same if someone told me they'd known me from a past life. This series definitely sounds like it's going to be interesting and I can't wait for more in this world.

Rating: 5 stars 

Angel's Review:

The first book in this anthology is about Perry and Aether. Perry is having the worst day when a naked green haired man appears in front of him. And after meeting Aether he has come to discover that everything is not as it seems. I liked the concept of this book, I feel as though the storyline is promising, I enjoy the aspect of the elements being human. I find that interesting and unique. While I understand this is a short story, this ended with me (a reader) having way too many questions rather than answers. It left me wanting more. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Alyssa P's review:

So, from my understanding Louisa Masters story is the beginning of a new series of book with main characters Perry’s and Aether. The story, told in Perry’s perspective, revolves around his car breaking down and him calling AAA, while he’s waiting for triple A to show up, he hears a loud noise then he sees a naked man standing there; the story kicks/starts off from here. This story isn’t fully complete it leaves off on a bit of a cliff hanger, I look forward to reading more of this series in the future.

~Nikole Knight - How to Survive a Summoning:

A stolen amulet. The demon hellbent on getting it back. And one powerless human just trying to survive the night.

When Jamie summons a demon in a Hail Mary attempt to survive a ghoul attack, he quickly realizes that he's bitten off more than he can chew. With a soul-debt to pay and an angry warlock on his heels, Jamie must steal back the coveted amulet before time runs out. Unfortunately, his life isn't the only thing hanging in the balance, and in the fight to save his soul, Jamie might just lose his heart.

Nicole’s Review:

Jamie is a lowly human trying to survive as a warlocks errand boy. Lyn, the demon he summons, is a flamboyant avian creature who's ridiculous ways frustrate Jamie to no end as they try to escape their fate. Nikole was a new to me author, but I appreciated how they were able to craft such a detailed world in so few chapters. It was easy to see the supernatural hierarchy, and to want to root for Jamie and Lyn to save themselves. The ending was a nice twist, and I would be very interested to read more stories in this world.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen’s Review:

First of all Lyn is an absolutely marvelous demon. Jamie had no idea that when he summoned a demon while dodging a ln evil ghoul that he was going to be summoning his fated mate, Nevermind someone as fabulous as Lyn. This was a fast paced novella and I enjoyed it all. Glad the bad guy got what he deserved in the end.

Rating: 5 stars 

Angel's Review:

I loved Ryn and Jamie, their story was packed full of fantastic detail and incredible character building. I wish I could've immersed myself in this world for longer, that's how much I enjoyed this book/world! I wish we got to see the two MC's as a couple for longer but I still enjoyed the story. 

Rating: 5 Stars

~Michelle Frost - A Werewolf Called Ammon:

On a late night run, Ammon crashes into Bacchus literally. Now, he just has to convince him that they're mates.

Author's Note

This story takes place prior to the stories in my On Guard: Mated to the Human series. Enjoy!

Nicole’s Review:

Ammon literally crashes into his mate Bacchus while trying to track his scent. Michelle was another new to me author. While both of the men in this story are adorably sweet, that was really about it for me. It was lacking any tension or action after they meet. It's a fluffy insta-love that didn't draw me in as well as the other stories.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen’s Review:

This one was short and sweet. Both MCs were the blushing adorable alpha types and we get one steamy scene which made me want more. I haven't read the series this one seems to be a prequel of, but I think I'll be checking it out after reading this one.

Rating: 4 stars 

Angel's Review:

This is a prequel to Michelle's ongoing series. In this short we meet Ammon and Bacchus, we get to know how they met each other and what species they both are. I thought this was a cute short story, I loved the flow of the story. I just would've liked it to be longer... So we could've know the two MC's better. 

Rating: 4 Stars

~Kelex - A Squirrel Gets His Nut:

Luca Galioto is just coming into his powers when he meets a new arrival in town, Ash Montgomery-and sparks fly.

Yet the pair are like oil and water. Luca is a tatted and pierced ancient Calé progeny, aka a witch, whereas straight- laced Ash is a squirrel shifter who's just joined the Salem Police Department.

Opposites attract? Sure-but can two men so vastly different trust that Fate got it right?

Nicole’s Review:

I did not realize that Kelex's story and JP's were set in the same world, and I read them out of order. Don't make my mistake or there will be some minor spoilers! Ash and Luca's story is the prequel to the first Enchanted Ink story cowritten by these two. I am absolutely enthralled with what I have read so far and have purchased the two full length stories already, and can't wait to dive in! Magic, mates and tattoos. Yes please!

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen’s Review: 

Oh, that's a beautiful mouth you got there...It looks even better with my cock in it."

I loved meeting Luca, Ash, and all the people working at Enchanted Ink. I did not realize this was a sort of prequel for a series. I will definitely be checking that out even if I am sort of picky with my MMM reads. I did want to bop Luca over the head a few times when it came to his stubbornness regarding Ash's job, but thankfully he smartened up with the encouraging help of his coven and workmates. 

Rating: 4 stars 

Angel's Review: 

This is the prequel to Kelex's Only Skin Deep book. I read Only Skin Deep first, so being able to now read Luca and Ash's origin story was really cool. I really enjoyed the world building that the amount of detail that went into describing the past. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

~Mia Monroe - Fated Kiss:

We're total opposites merely passing through each other's lives until one kiss unlocks Fate's plan for us.

The townsfolk of Ravenbrook would likely describe me as reclusive and odd, both true, but I keep my distance for their safety and mine. Interacting with mortals never goes well. My life is lonely, a truth I long accepted, but I'd rather be alone than risk them finding out my true nature.

Unfortunately, I'm forced to seek assistance in repairing my home and can only hope there's a mortal brave enough to do the work. When someone new blows into town smelling of candy and dreams, and unaware of my reputation, he lands on my doorstep, in need of work and a place to stay.

We couldn't be more opposite, but I'm sure once the work is done, he'll move on. Until we learn with one heated kiss he's so much more than a passing fancy. Calix is my fated mate, and now that I've found him, I'll do anything to keep him and make him happy. Even interact with the locals when trouble shows up. Shudder. But Calix is worth it and I'll prove I'm worthy of him if it's the last thing I do.

Nicole's Review:

Calix was such a puppy, it was adorable! His bright take on life was a breath of fresh air. Ambrose is lonely, and very set in his ways. I really liked how Mia had the witch interact with these two. it was a different take on the vampire romance, and I was here for it. I believe this is set in the same world as some of Mia's other stories, so I'll need to dive into those soon!

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen’s Review: 

Oh Calix and Ambrose. I loved how bright Calix was to Ambrose's more moody vampire nature. I have read the other books Mia has set in this universe so I was already familiar with the worldbuilding. I could read Mia's vamps all day. I also enjoyed how by the end all the loose ends so the speak were tied up and they were able to repay the witch who helped Calix. I was leery of her at first, but it turns out her heart was in the right place and it led to those two getting their HEA.

Rating: 5 stars 

Nicole on the anthology as a whole: I really loved this anthology! I am not always a big PNR fan, but this collection of novellas was sweet with it's fated mates and their introduction to love. A lot of these authors are already on my favorites list, but there was enough variety to introduce me to some new ones that I have already downloaded more stories from! A great way to get introduced into new series. 

Fated Mates is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.