Disrupted Engagement, Valor and Doyle, Book 6 By: Nicky James Narrated by: Nick J. Russo

This audio version of Disrupted Engagement showcases the talent of Nick J. Russo, bringing so much life to these characters. The author is exceptional in making me feel the story. The laughter, tears and frustration of the characters is so well written I felt I was watching as it unfolded.

From the blurb:

The ring has been bought, and all Aslan has to do is create the perfect setup for a proposal. No problem. Nothing to it. Quaid deserves the best, and he plans to deliver.

After choreographing a romantic evening to officially pop the question, Aslan is ready.

But things don’t go as planned, and the evening is ruined. Quaid’s insecurities rear their ugly head, making him suspicious. He knows Aslan is hiding something, but pessimism insists it isn’t a good thing.

When Aslan gets called out of town to hunt down a long-acting serial killer, there is no time to soothe his over-anxious boyfriend’s worries or make a new attempt to propose.

Torn between a complicated case and figuring out the perfect way to ask Quaid to marry him, Aslan is left scrambling. Every idea falls flat. Every scrambling attempt fails. The more pressure he puts on himself, the more unsuccessful his efforts, and Quaid’s fears grow.

Aslan needs to solve this serial killer case and get home to straighten the mess he’s made.

Disrupted Engagement is the sixth book in the Valor and Doyle mystery series. It is a same-couple series that should be listened to in order. Although each book has a self-contained mystery with no cliffhangers, the romance is overarching.

Reedkaye's Review:

Updated for audio version:

Nick’s voice has become these characters for me. He brings so much humanity to them. The emotion, the frustrations, the happy times only Nick can capture so well for these two.

Listening to it was like touching base with old friends. You remember the fun of Quaid giving his father directions on the care of the cat Oscar. I laughed and had tears at poor Quaid’s guessing what the secret was. I love this story and will be relistening to it again and again.

Original book review:

This author has really outdone herself with this book. You really need to read the previous books in the series, but with every book I feel the author can’t top it and then the next comes out, and this really tops all the previous.

Aslan has brought the ring and finding the perfect time and place to propose to Quaid doesn’t seem to be working. All it is doing is bringing Quaid’s insecurities beating at the door. After a number of hilarious situations, Aslan finds himself assigned a case out of town, so the proposal has to wait.

This just ignites Quaid’s imagination more and as different people surrounding Quaid seem to know what is going on with Aslan and yet Quaid is only imagining the very worse. Things get funnier yet.
While all this is going on, so it the mystery about a long time serial killer. Nothing seems apparent with the killer’s actions and so Aslan finds himself needing to be home while not able to do so until the case is solved.  

As the separation between Quaid and Aslan continues, Quaid is given a lot of advice. Finally taking some, he decides to get involved with Aslan’s case.  

These two guys are so different and there are so many entertaining parts to this story that I don’t feel qualified enough to explain all the reasons it is a great series without going on and on. I read a lot and as Quaid describes how to care for the cat or how he and Aslan both point out the difference in dietary choices; I was unable to quit laughing or put the book down.  

My only problem is this time the book ends in a cliffhanger, so I’m more than a little anxious to get the next installment. Nick’s voice has become these characters for me. He brings so much humanity to them. The emotion, the frustrations, the happy times only Nick can capture so well for these two.

Rating: 5 Stars

Disrupted Engagement is available to buy from Audible.