Cover Up: Irons and Works: Key Largo by E.M. Lindsey

Can two men who have been through war with their bodies figure out how to make a relationship work? Angel read Cover Up, part of the Key Largo series.

From the blurb:

Felix has a major problem.

He’s pining.

Well, pining might not be the right word for how he feels about the absurdly hot, one-armed chef who works next door, but it’s close enough.

Felix doesn’t have high hopes for romance, though. Not with the fact that his face blindness means every time he looks at Deimos, it’s like he’s seeing him for the first time. After all, who would want a relationship with a man who couldn’t pick him out of a crowd?

But that’s not his actual problem. Felix learns he needs to see his terrible family for his grammy’s funeral, and Dei has offered to go along to act like his boyfriend.

And God help him, but Felix can’t bring himself to say no.

But hey, what’s a little emotional torture when he gets to pretend Dei is his for a little while?

It seems that Dei has softer, kinder plans for Felix’s heart than to torture it, however—and Felix quickly learns there’s no way to cover up being in love. Dei’s words of affection are powerful, and Felix realizes the only thing in the world he wants is to let Dei in.

Cover-Up is a slow burn, friends to lovers romance featuring fake boyfriends, tattoos as a love language, gratuitous use of adorable pet names, pining, there's only one bed, heavy praise, steamy nights, and the most satisfying happily ever after.

Angel's Review:

I've been wanting Felix's story for a long time, his character always caught my interest. When I read Max's story, Felix was a character that was a primary side character, so Max's book gave us a little insight into the man. I was eagerly awaiting the day that Felix would get his own book, and that day is finally here!!! I really liked this book, although it was hard reading about the struggles both of these men go through. It was difficult for me to read because I have struggled with my body too, and there are things that can't be changed, they just become something you have to learn to live with. Both Felix and Deimos struggle with their bodies; Felix struggles with his brain, and Deimos struggles with a war riddled body. 

One thing you can always count on with EM's writing is their way to evoke emotions out of their readers. And to make characters not just realistic and relatable, but they also take their time to research whatever it is that they choose to write about. Which is something I really appreciate. 

When you read EM's story you are taken on an emotional journey with these characters, and I can guarantee you, you'll find something/someone to relate to within their books. 

Felix and Deimos didn't have an insta-love moment, nor were there spicy scenes right away. Their feelings grew gradually. They gave each other time to process what they were feeling and thinking, and let each other have the time they needed. I adored how Deimos asked for time before they engaged in spicy times, and how Felix not only accepted that, but he supported and honored that as well. 

All the side characters from the tattoo shop were so amazing to see again. I don't think I'll ever get tired of these characters, not when there is always so much to learn. 

This book was poignant and really well written. This had fantastic back ground detail, exception main characters along with fantastic side characters. You could tell how thought out this book was when you read it. At times you'll want to give Deimos a bit of a shake, but for the most part you'll just be cheering these men on, and want them to make their relationship work. This book truly was a fantastic read! Please go do yourself a favor and get a copy today!

Rating: 5 Stars

Cover Up is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.