Body Count (Wayward Sons Book 1) by L Eveland

If you want to read a dark, gritty, and questionable romance story, Body Count is the book for you. 

From the blurb:

Death is his business, and I live to serve.

Mortician River Laskin is a monster, a narcissistic sociopath with blood on his hands, but he’s also my savior.

When he rescues me from a human trafficking ring, the last thing on my mind is vengeance. I need to pull my life together and figure out how to survive in a world where I don’t exist. Without someone to tell me what to do, I’m lost. River is all I have to cling to, the only thing that makes sense in this terrifying new world.

But he and his family of murderous psychopaths have other plans, mafia connections, and murder on their minds.


I knew from the moment I saw him that Theo was mine. Mine to protect, mine to break, mine to put back together again.

My favorite toy.

I will use every resource at my disposal to find the men who hurt him and make them pay, whether he wants me to or not. It’s not up to him.

I’ll burn every bridge, turn over every stone, dig up every body until I get what I want.

And what I want now is vengeance for Theo. The Devil himself couldn’t stop me. I dare him to try.

Body Count is the first novel in the Wayward Sons series, a series standalone of dark MM romances that follows the Laskin brothers as they battle their inner demons and find love.

Angel's Review:

L Eveland decided to dip their toe into the darker side of mm romance. They definitely went for it with all the dark themes and elements. They put their full foot on the gas! When I read the trigger warnings page, I was hesitant, but forged on. I'm glad I did, cause while the themes that are featured in this book aren't my favorite, I did end up enjoying the story.

River and Theo have a.. questionable relationship, but it works for them. You can tell River truly cares about Theo in his own semi-twisted way. He respected when Theo told him no, which is important. It showed that while people may view River as a monster; he wasn't going to just take advantage of Theo. 

Now I want to point out.. if you're looking to read this book hoping that Theo will 'save' River and his ways, you won't be getting that in this book. Theo takes River at face value and accepts him as is, in all his murderer glory. Their relationship is not conventional, but they are both doing what feels right to them. I liked how there were twists and turns throughout the book. I enjoyed getting introduced to all the characters who could get their own book. It was fun to try to figure out whose book would be next. 

This book was well written, had a good premise, great; albeit twisted characters, and a great ending. Overall, I would say this is a really good dark romance book. 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Miki J's Review:

From the opening chapter, you get the gist of the story very quickly... I think the best way to describe the story would be "vanilla psycho". Yes, there are some dark themes in the story/plot (so please read the TW's!!), but that darkness is balanced very nicely with a very functional, dysfunctional family/found family.

The other characters are a blast (and we know we are going to see their stories!!), laugh out loud moments, suspense and romance.  

As for the MC's - there's an honesty to their relationship because, I think, of who they are and it's very sweet.  

Also, I absolutely loved his definition of "love" - perfection!!  Truly looking forward to the next book!!

Rating: 4 Stars

Body Count is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.