Bluz by L. Eveland (Culinary Creatures book 3)

Who knew a wayward Human and a werewolf could work together?  L Eveland does in Bluz, the third book of the Culinary Creatures series.

From the blurb:

No one cooks like Gaston, and I’m hungry like a wolf.
Eight years ago, I missed my chance to be with the love of my life. Now, Gaston is back in town to rescue his pack’s troubled bar and grill, Bluz. He’s keen to rekindle things between us, but I’ve still got the blues over how it all went down before.

Gaston’s got a whole life out west full of fast cars, fancy dinners, and famous friends. He claims he’s ready to settle down, and that his wolf has chosen me, but I’m just a country boy, a drifter. Gaston is refined and cultured. I don’t fit into his elegant lifestyle, even if our nights together have been sizzling hot.

His wolf wants me, and I want him, but I’m running out of time to decide. Can I put our troubled past behind me before I lose him forever? Or will our relationship finally go up in smoke?

Bluz is a smoking hot and sticky sweet second chance MM romance between an anthropomorphic werewolf and a visually impaired blues singer. This third installment of the Culinary Creatures series can be read as a standalone, and features a delicious BBQ recipe for you to try at home!

Angel's Review:

This book was cute. It's about Gray who is a human trying to live on the streets, and Gaston is a werewolf who's back in his hometown after being away for years. Now that he's back he wants to try to rekindle not just his friendship but he's hoping that this time they could have more. 

I liked this, this is a best friend to lovers romance, but it has a long lost lovers aspect to it. After 8 years of silence these two have a lot to overcome, and they get there eventually. 

L Eveland writes these types of books really well, and I enjoy reading them. I gotta say it didn't top Beefcakes but it was still good. I wasn't a huge fan of the puppy play scene at the end of the book, but that's a really minor thing. Overall really good!

Rating: 4 Stars

Bluz is available in paperback and e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.