All's Fair In Love And Dare: An M/M Best Friend's Brother Romance by Rikki Leighton

Two kids who survive growing up in unfavorable conditions have made it to college, but all isn't going so well there either. Atlas has gone from somewhat carefree to caretaker of his bff Shiloh. Atlas has issues of his own and when he tries contacting a hotline, things work out differently than he planned.

From the blurb for All's Far In Love And Dare:

If all's fair in love and dare, someone's heart will have to give, but how can we survive the fallout?

Being a virgin is my well kept secret.

Being straight is the lie I've hid behind for the last twenty-one years. The truth is, I don't know what I am. But when my best friend dares me to sleep with a guy, the floodgates of foreign desire open and threaten to bury me under their current.

Messages sent in secret to a stranger wake up my heart and libido in newfound ways, and while we trade scorchingly dirty texts, the person I pretend is on the other side of the screen has my conscience in a tailspin: my best friend's brother.

Blair Novak has been our protector for years, taking his father’s harsh words and harsher hands in stride as long as it meant me and his brother were safe. He’s always given us his everything and somehow, I never realized it.

I see it now. In the shake of his hands as he pulls me close with a white-knuckled grip. In the ink that he wears on his skin like armor, like patches to the wounds he’s spent his whole life healing.

Blair has given up so much of himself for his brother. I want to be his balm, not the final shard that rips him apart. Our connection has bloomed from words on a screen to a galaxy of emotions I can never rein in, and I'm not sure I want to.

Even at the expense of my best friend's heart.

Reedkaye's Review:

This is an intense story. In the beginning, none of the mc’s have anything resembling a good life. Atlas comes from a home where it appears the kids are the last concern. So much so that when Atlas’s friend Shiloh starts almost living there, he is hardly noticed.

The two mc’s at college are facing a number of issues, quite a few brought on by themselves. Atlas has gone from being a partner in crime with his bff Shiloh to being a caretaker. He is so busy trying to keep Shiloh healthy that he has almost lost sight of his own life.

Blair is Shiloh’s brother. This guy is beyond being a martyr. He is trying o care for an abusive dad, watch over and pay for meds for Shiloh and so much more. He also gives time to a hotline. It’s when Atlas contacts the hotline that Blair and Atlas end up noticing each other on another level. 

There are a lot of complications and life situations that enter into this story. I enjoyed the story. There is little time during it I would have skipped and the flow seemed right to me. The characters are so real and made my heart ache for them. The author did a great job of bringing things together in the end.  

I’m anxious to see the next story and hopefully one about Rue and Ryder.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

All's Far In Love And Dare is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.