All I Fear (All's Fair Book 2) by Abrianna Denae

Roman, Christian's independent son, has reached the age to be trained by Tennant. There is quite a clash between teacher and student that leads to more. Tennant having been Christian's long time bff and also his second in command has concerns where Roman is concerned. The All's Fair series returns with All I Fear.

From the blurb:

Tennant Mason is the Amato Family’s Second in Command. He’s calculating and lethal, his antisocial personality disorder provides him with the perfect tools for the Amatos to turn him into their deadliest weapon.

Hollis Maddigan is in hiding. He’s spent years using his hacking ability to run from his past. Meeting Tennant was never in his plans, except he finds that the other man just gets him—navigating his quirks and secrets with ease.

Roman Amato is the heir to the Amato Family. He's been training his whole life to one day take over from his father. When the next step of his training begins, tension between him and Tennant may be his undoing, but not in the way either man expected.

Tennant and Hollis are a package deal, and are able to give Roman everything he’s always wanted, but never trusted enough to search for. As the three very different men find their way together, sparks fly—both literally and figuratively.

But just when Hollis thinks he’s left his traumatic past behind, it comes back with a vengeance, threatening to destroy the life he’s built. To save the men he loves, he must crack open his broken soul and remember the person he left behind. In the end, it might not be enough…

*All I Fear is the second book in the All’s Fair series. It is advised by the author to read this series in order for better understanding of the characters and storyline. This is a dark mafia romance book please see the TW page for details.*

Reedkaye's Review:

I don’t know where to start on a review of this book that can state strongly enough how much I love this series.

All I Want needs to be read first to understand the characters.

This is Tennant’s story and what a story it turns out to be. Tennant is Christian’s second in command and long time bff. Tennant has been close to Christian through so much and has watched Roman, Christian’s son, since he was a baby and as he has grown up. As Christian’s heir, Roman is ready for the training from Tennant. Roman, a free spirit, doesn’t follow directions well. He and Tennant clash until they don’t.  

Tennant, already in a relationship with Hollis, has worries about his feelings for Roman, but Hollis is able to put things in perspective for Tennant. This also complicates things with Christian.

There is also the mystery that is attached to Hollis and that is heartbreaking. It's scary to face the fact these things do happen.

There is plenty of action to this story. The reader needs to pay attention to the author’s trigger warnings because this is a very good dark story.

I would give this more than five stars if I could. 

Rating: 5 Stars

All I Fear is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.