A Star So Dark and Peculiar (Tears from the Sky book 1) by Cyan Crowe

"Right." I cocked my head, eyeing his cheek - same as where he'd punched me. "Hold still." - A Star So Dark and Peculiar.

From the blurb:

It’s time to embrace the night and show the true might of the stars so bright…

My name is Gage Odysseus Declan.
You could say I’m a complicated man with uncomplicated needs. I’m Alpha Wolf for the City, charged with protecting my kind. I enjoy law and order, sexy times at Circus, and being left alone.
Step too close, and I’ll cut you down.
But I’ve stumbled upon a kitty cat that smells like a raging storm, a dark and peculiar chaos that I want to dominate and cuddle.
His name is Ethan Odin Vinci.
I suspect he’s the Blade to Crown Lion. The cat lives in the Castle, is crazier than anyone I’ve ever met, and is way too devious for that vain head of his.
And he’s just as alpha as me.
That’s…a problem.
The Lady Moons connected two men together, an utter blindsiding Bond. This has never happened before—it’s not our way.
Yet here I am. Here he is.
Here we are under the sky and the stars and the night, circling each other like we’re moonslit prey…
While bloodthirsty vampires take root in the City, and our people continue to die from TEARS.
But I’ve got this under control.
I am that good.
Get ready to twinkle twinkle, bitches.
The night is going to shine.

*This novel is approx. 150,000 words. This world does not contain MPreg.
*TW: Violence.

Miki J's Review:

If you are expecting a sweet'n'fluffy shifter novel, don't be reading this one!!!  The story is told from one POV - Declan - who is Alpha wolf and the moons have given him another male to bond with. Problem is - same sex pairings are illegal in this world. And on that, it did take me a bit to understand the world building etc, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the story!!  

These 2 MC's are arrogant, full of themselves, ruthless, mean, blood thirsty and loathe each other... which makes them perfect for each other!! 

A Star So Dark and Peculiar is just brilliant - I couldn't put the book down. I'd alternate between cringing or laughing out loud (that happened frequently). I loved it when he found the headphones and gun. Classic!! - or "oh bugger" / lightbulb moments.... while reading this book.  

There are twists and does end with HFN... sorta... I am sooo looking forward to the next book!!

Rating: 5 Stars

A Star So Dark and Peculiar is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.