A Clown Car Full of Sovereigns (FBI Files Book 5) by Patricia Logan

Another action-packed entry into Patricia Logan's FBI Files. Leo and Max may be separated by work cases, but their feelings never waver no matter how long they are apart and how much danger they face. A Clown Car Full of Sovereigns is book 5 in the FBI Files series.

From the blurb:

FBI profiler, Doctor Leo Reeves, has been working with his partner, Special Agent Max Prince, for more than a year now. They’ve been assigned to cases where their very lives were threatened, but nothing has prepared them to work in different states…on entirely different cases.

When Max’s former chief at the U.S. Marshals Service asks him to help hunt down a dangerous fugitive he’d chased once before, Max is reluctant to fly all the way to Lexington, Kentucky to help catch the guy. Still…child predator, Solomon Purcell, has always been Max’s white whale, so the opportunity to put him away for good, is just too tempting to ignore.

Just getting started on their own case at the FBI, Leo is forced to stay and help his team here at home. Leo feels like a fish out of water when Max flies out of town. The team he’s come to rely on, desperately needs to figure out who killed a mild-mannered family man in a horrific way. As they learn more about the man and his mentally ill wife, they begin to realize they are affiliated with a dangerous group of domestic terrorists.

Navigating cases on two sides of the country at the same time wasn’t on either man’s bucket list. Still, they really have no choice but to stick their cases out until the bad guys go down. When the ache for each other is encompassed by worry and fear for each other’s safety, things go from bad to worse. From the California high desert to the Kentucky hill country, the race to get back home to each other leaves both men breathless.

And when the final wrap up to their cases come, and the men are reunited…both Leo and Max realize life will never be the same.

SNik's Review:

A Clown Car Full of Sovereigns is the fifth in the series (FBI Files), must be read in order. Action/suspense. Coworkers/established couple. Dual POV. 

For the first time since they started working together, Leo and Max are separated on their working cases. Max is lent out back to the Marshal's office to track down a fugitive that had eluded him years ago in Kentucky, and Leo remains with their FBI team to track down some domestic terrorists. 

As much as they miss each other, they are dedicated to the job and there is plenty of action and some old and new secondary characters which help Leo and Max along the way. 

I really enjoyed how far Leo and Max’s relationship has grown and they are completely committed and in love, no matter what. 

Each time a story comes out from this series, it’s a must read for me. Entertaining writing and a main couple to root for that are spicy and swoony.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

A Clown Car Full of Sovereigns is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.