Waves (Inhuman Love Collection) by Howl Avery

"A selkie and a human. Will they be able to make a relationship work?" Angel read and reviewed Waves.

From the blurb:

A year after ending his engagement a mere two days before the wedding, Ezra has settled into his new life: documenting the local seal population, walking the beaches with his black lab, or having lunch
with his one remaining friend. Life is simple, quiet, and predictable until the day Ezra befriends a man who walks right out of the sea.

Kai has been alone for a long time—a very, very long time. So much so, he can’t remember living as anything but a seal or caring about anyone human. Until one day, he meets someone amid the ocean who drives his urge to return to land again.

Waves is a low-angst MM paranormal romance featuring a selkie and human pairing.

Angel's Review:

I have never read anything by Howl Avery before I read this book. I'll be honest, the stunning cover is what caught my eye, then I read the description and was further reeled in. Upon starting this book we get Ezra's POV when he first comes across someone walking out of the ocean naked... And later that same day, the man he saw earlier in the morning was still walking along the beach. So, Ezra, being the kind person he is, offers to take Kai back to his house to warm up. From there, these two men slowly get to know each other over time, and their friendship morphs into a relationship. 

I enjoyed this story. I really liked Kai's character. The way Howl Avery wrote about Kai being a selkie was really interesting. The aspect of Kai having to go back to the ocean every couple of days was a really cool aspect. And having that be a component to this story also made a challenge for Kai and Ezra to work through with them pursuing a relationship with each other. I also liked how open Ezra was. He didn't even freak out when he figured out Kai was part of the sea. And Ishmael was definitely my favorite character, hands down! The fact that he was such a prominent character and was a part of the story throughout everything was just so amazing. The scenes where he kept bring his lobster toy to Kai was soo cute!!

Overall, a cute, quick, and interesting story to read. 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Waves is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.