Virgin Hearts, Plum Valley Cowboys, Book 2 By: Emmy Sanders Narrated by: Blake Lockheart

Tatted_book_freak listened to Virgin Hearts and shares their review.

From the blurb:

Can an inexperienced cowboy wrangle the adult-movie star of his dreams?


I’ve lived in the same small town my entire life. And I like it, for the most part: being a rancher, taking care of my chickens, and even my meddlesome family. What I don’t like is the limited dating options. I’m gay, and at 36 years old, I’ve never been with a man.

When I enter a contest to win my favorite adult entertainer’s support for our town’s first Pride Parade, I never expect to win. And I definitely never expect to find myself in a friends-with-benefits relationship with the man.

The problem is I quickly realize I want more. But could someone as confident, sexy, and independent as Silver ever consider building a life with a simple cowboy like me?


My work is my life. Filming under the moniker Silver, I’m happy enough. I’m making good money, I’m free from my crummy past, I’m well on my way to the career I actually dream about, and I’m not looking for any complications.

Enter Hawthorne Moore, with his sweet-as-molasses drawl, that adorable gap-toothed smile, and the beautiful way in which he begs, and suddenly, I find myself getting in too deep. And that’s a problem because I’ve spent years building up these walls around my heart, and I don’t know how to bust them down.

Can I work through my trauma and lasso myself a cowboy, or will I lose the only man who’s ever loved me?

Virgin Hearts is a friends-with-benefits-to-more romance that includes a flirty performer, risqué photoshoots among peeping bovines, an endearing cowboy whose cock (ahem, rooster) rises at dawn, dom/sub undertones, and one very HEA. It’s book two in the Plum Valley Cowboys series but can be listened to as a stand-alone.

Tatted_book_freak's Review:

Okay, it's established that I am officially a Blake Lockheart fanatic! He brings every character thus far to life with so much personality and emotions, along with his ability to flawlessly differentiate between the two characters with opposite upbringings and demeanor. There were numerous times I had to double-check that he was narrating by himself! 

Omg, Mateo, and Hawthorne are the epitome of perfection as a couple! Even though at first glance, one would never place them together, as they are complete opposites. But their interactions work, their fire definitely works, and their relationship is just meant to be, even if they met because Hawthorne won an event. And Will makes another appearance. Hopefully, he’ll get his own in due time. 

Altogether, another great addition to the plum valley cowboy series, with an outstanding performance again from Blake!  His little quirks and idiosyncrasies to the story just add to his overall charm and enthusiasm. He is so much fun and filled with excitement, the perfect choice for this series. Fingers crossed 🤞🏽 he continues with the series! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Virgin Hearts is available to buy from Audible.