Uncontrolled Chaos by Dani Gray, Aja Foxx, AJ Sherwood, AJ Llewellyn, Arden Steele, Gabrielle Evans, Holly Oliver, Lily Lamb, BL Jones, Morticia Knight

Only available for the month, Uncontrolled Chaos brings together stories from great authors for a good cause.

From the blurb:

Knock, knock…is anyone there? I’m here to tell you about this book! It’s a collection of MM short stories from some of your favorite authors. They’ve all gotten together and put them into this book of Uncontrolled Chaos, and now you get to enjoy it too!

But, the book will only be available for the month of August. Don’t wait to get your copy, because as soon as the month’s done, so will this book.

Enjoy the madness…because I know that the writers all had a great time putting these stories together.
Finding Home by Dani Gray

After Trevor Morgan became paralyzed in an accident, a new physical therapist was hired to try to help him. Can Jayce Harley, a home and hearth Brownie, who travels around trying to help others with his powers, find his home with Trevor?
Midnight at Paiko Lagoon by AJ Llewellyn

Jack Mooney accepts a plum job as a prosecuting attorney in Hawaii. He’s thrilled until he’s assigned his first case. A controversial oyako-shinju, a ritual Japanese mother-child murder suicide. Not only does the case have international scrutiny, but Jack has to fight the growing feelings he has for the mother’s hot shot criminal defense attorney, Benny Leonard.
How Tan Acquired an Apprentice by AJ Sherwood

Tan adopts an apprentice. No, he does not consult his husband first, why do you ask?

Don’t worry Hans actually takes care of the kid, to bonk is not the question, it is the answer, Tan’s priority is cats, no one is surprised, revenge served hot, fireball kind of hot, anyone else scared Tan has acquired a minion?
Demon-In-Law by Aja Foxx

As the personal bodyguard to the consort of Hades, god of the dead and king of the underworld, I very rarely got any time off. When Hades himself gives me the day off, I had some great ideas of how to spend my free time. Only, they didn't go according to plan. Instead, I was summoned by a human wanting to make a deal for his soul. I had a better idea.
Road to Hell by Arden Steele

Open a hospital for paranormals, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

For Thade and Micah, there is nothing fun about converting a crumbling Scottish castle into a state-of-the-art medical center for the hexed and vexed. Especially when a certain grumpy dragon shifter becomes the first patient before they even open their doors.
Epic by BL Jones

In a world without heroes, can a rogue band of queer ex-street kids save the day?
Once Upon a Déjà Vu by Gabrielle Evans

They say all magic comes with a price, but what if one wish could change everything? What price would you be willing to pay to make all your dreams come true?

For Myles, it’s easy to risk everything when he has nothing to lose. Or so he thinks. It never occurred to him that he might be chasing the wrong dream. Now, he has twenty-four hours to make things right before he loses the only thing worth fighting for: Love.
When Sparks Fly by Holly Oliver

Love and rebellion collide as a dragon's fire meets a prince's courage, shaping a kingdom's destiny forever. Fate weaves an unexpected love story, as a dragon shifter and a prince fight against a tyrant king. A tale of fated mates and a kingdom's redemption.
Prometheus by Lily Lamb

Come and read the tale of Prometheus, his life and trials, and how he was freed from the chains of Zeus.
Safe Shores by Morticia Knight

When a vicious gale storm threatens the life of Kirk’s son, the only man who can save him is the one he hopes to share a forever after with. Will Kirk lose everyone he holds dear?

Jacquie's Review:

I'll go back and read the other stories I missed at another time but I really wanted to read Holly Oliver's and AJ Sherwood's stories and get my review out to highlight Uncontrolled Chaos while it is still on sale. It's only available in August

I've missed Tan! Although really short, it was easy to slip back into that world and it sets up more from Devan and Tan at a later date. I really enjoyed seeing Tan and Devan married and juggling the responsibilities of ruling their kingdom. I know more is planned for this world, so this was a great teaser.

Aja Foxx's story was cute and made me want to read more. I assume some of the characters are part of a larger world. I enjoy when the monsters are human and the "monsters" like demons, are sweethearts, like we had here.

Holly's story, fated mates and dragons, was fantastic. I loved meeting those characters and would enjoy seeing more as they get the country back in order.

Those 3 stories were worth the cost of the purchase alone, and it's better knowing that the proceeds are to to help Dani Gray with a medical condition.

There are still plenty of other stories for me to go back and enjoy!

Rating: 5 Stars

Uncontrolled Chaos is available to buy in ebook and paperback formats.