#ThrowbackThursday - Last First Kiss by E.M. Denning


Today's #ThrowbackThursday takes us back to November 2021 to look at E.M. Denning's Last First Kiss.

From the Blurb:

 The only thing worse than having your heart broken is going home and having nothing to show for it.

Which is exactly the situation Logan Hanson finds himself in. Worse than that, his hometown isn’t exactly glad to have him back. He’s jobless, friendless and things are looking pretty bleak… until his dad’s best friend, Ezra, throws him a lifeline.

Small town life has always suited Ezra Black just fine, but it hurts him to see Logan struggle to re-adjust. Ezra has always been an out and proud bisexual, but small town gossip about his best friend's son has him wondering if he’s as accepted as he thought.

Ezra offers Logan a job, hoping that the people of the town will get over themselves and see Logan for what he is, a young man who wants a chance to start over and fit in. The more time they spend together, the closer they grow, and all it takes is one kiss for everything between them to change.

Their relationship is new, but is it strong enough to overcome small town gossip, an angry friend, and father who doesn’t understand their love? All Ezra wants is for Logan to be his last first kiss, but can that be enough?


Logan hadn’t fucked outside before, but he’d let Ezra do him in the dirt if that’s what it took to have him.

Ezra popped the fly of Logan’s pants open with one hand, a skill that Logan didn’t know was even possible. Logan gasped in surprise and smiled at Ezra. They stood in the shadows, hidden from the sun, but behind Ezra the world shone, bright and green and alive. 

"Tell me to stop.” Ezra said. His furrowed brow highlighted the crow’s feet and the smattering of grey in his hair. Logan knew that if he said the word, Ezra would stop. They’d pull away and straighten their clothes, and Logan would be fucking miserable and stupid.

“Not a chance.”

Last First Kiss is currently available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.