Thierry by AN Waugh (Men of Maxim #2)

Enemies or lovers?  Thierry projects hate towards Hawke, but what is he really feeling?

From the blurb:


The touchy-feely stylist gets under my skin. He drives me absolutely crazy. If I give in to this growing attraction, maybe he'll finally leave me alone. Then we can both do our jobs without this tension between us. That’s what I want. Because I don’t like him. I can convince myself of the lie until it becomes the truth, right?


The scowling drummer doesn’t like me. He’s told me so many times. But that doesn’t quell my need to touch him. I lose all self-discipline when he's around, my hands exploring his tattoos and his silky hair. His eyes betray his words; he doesn't like me, or so he says. I'm determined to reveal the truth: he wants me just as much as I want him.

Thierry is the second book in the Men of Maxim series. A MM Rockstar, enemies to lovers-ish romance with a drummer in denial and a touchy-feely stylist, his s*x worker roommate, bandmates who are more like family than friends, and a nearly forgotten jilted starlet.

*For CW please see author’s note in the front matter*

Heather's Review:

What happens when your own self-loathing wars with attraction?  It throws off waves of hate that someone could interpret as hatred of them...  Please check the trigger warnings if you are sensitive - there are big things going on in this book and if you're along for the ride...

I truly love both Thierry and Hawke, especially as they get to know one another and begin to understand why the other person acts the way he does.  I also love the way Thierry's bandmates, Hawke's roommate and the other secondary characters add to the storyline.

I am truly invested in the Men of Maxim series and can't wait to see what's next!

Rating: 5 Stars

Thierry is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.