The Real Thing, West Coast Forensics, Book 5 By: Elle Keaton Narrated by: Michael Dean

Lesetiger calls The Real Thing, and the West Coast Forensics series, "Entertaining Murder/Mystery Romances."

From the blurb:

Not all knights wear armor. Some wear coveralls and carry a big wrench.

An oblivious prince longs for his knight in shining armor. When his knight has been under his nose all along, will he claim him before it's too late for them both?

As deeply as he craves his own fairy tale happily-ever-after, resort owner Cody Prescott doesn't have time for a relationship. But that doesn't stop him from crushing on most men on Piedras. Luckily for him, they're emotionally unavailable or already taken, so he doesn't have to worry about getting attached.

Wade Buckner, the island's handiest handyman, is tired of waiting for Cody to wake up and realize Wade is the man for the job. He's ready and willing to rescue Cody from just about anything, even questionable hotel guests.

The Harvest Feast is the kick-off for the resort's 125th anniversary, and they have a full house. But something sinister is afoot at the resort, something that even his knight might not be able to rescue Cody from.

Are they trying to kill him, put him out of business, or both?

The Real Thing, book five in the West Coast Forensics series, is dual POV and follows Cody and Wade all the way to their happy ending. Can be listened to as a standalone, but might be better enjoyed if you start with Real Trouble, first in the WCF series.

Lesetiger's Review:

I am a fan of this series and have been looking forward to this audiobook, which is about Cody and Wade. 

Cody has put a lot of work and love into his resort, but this Thanksgiving weekend, nothing is as it should be. There are strange guests at the resort, then supposed relatives show up all of a sudden, and even the weather won't allow them to get back to the mainland from Piedras Island. 

I really like the author's writing style and was able to get into the story very quickly. Cody is too busy for a relationship, but he doesn't see that Wade would be the man for him. These two were really hot together and amusing at times. But it takes time for them to be able to stand by their feelings. Which means an emotional roller coaster ride is bound to happen. On the one hand, there is the longing, but then again denial is announced and then the jump in the change of the relationship was almost a little too fast for me.
In the middle of all the relationship chaos, a person dies. Was it a natural death or a murder? Shortly thereafter, the next unexplained incident occurs, and it is more than questionable whether the victim survives. Who is doing his mischief on the resort? And what is the motive? And then things start disappearing. 

I really enjoyed this story. The crime case was interesting, the main protagonists also and the writing pace also contribute to the fact that I was very quickly captivated by the story and have listened to the audiobook in one go through.

Micheal Dean did a fantastic job as always. It is always a pleasure for me to listen to his varied and emotional performance.

🎧 Audiobook Review 🎧
Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(⭐️) 4,5
Performance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Story: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Real Thing is available to buy from Audible