The Fortunate Son (Redemption Ridge Book Two) by Aimee Nicole Walker

A rich social butterfly seeking refuge at Redemption Ridge meets a media shy ex-felon and sparks fly. Ivan is only interested in his bees and his friends and family, but when he meets Rory he finds someone that becomes just as important quickly. But Rory is only there for a short time and eventually they will have to part, right?

From the blurb for The Fortunate Son:

Ivan Gallagher’s first and only attempt at love nearly cost him everything—his reputation, family, and even his freedom. Needing an outlet for his pent-up passion, the gruff foreman turns his beekeeping hobby into a successful business. Just when he’s on the verge of taking his liquid gold to the next level, a granted favor transforms his orderly life into a sticky mess.

Rory Snyder was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but wealth couldn’t spare him from loss and heartache. Finding himself at the center of a dangerous media storm, the social media influencer seeks refuge at Redemption Ridge. Too bad the Viking-sized Ivan seems impervious to Rory’s charms because he could use a sexy distraction from the chaos threatening to ruin his life.

Predawn collisions in the hallway lead to revelations, explorations, and something far sweeter than honey. Soon, living in the moment becomes living for the moment. But for how long? A future seems impossible for the humble foreman and the fortunate son until a common nemesis makes Ivan and Rory realize what they truly stand to lose.

The Fortunate Son is book two in the Redemption Ridge series. Though each story features a different couple, reading the series in order is essential. The Fortunate Son contains mature themes and is intended for adults.

Content Warning: homophobia, underage alcohol addiction, and intentional overdosing are briefly discussed in this book, though no graphic descriptions are used.

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Redemption Ridge), best if read in order. Opposites attract. Found family. Dual POV. 

Rory is a social influencer who happens to be the son of a candidate running for Governor and needs a place to lay low from the media. When Rory sets his eyes on Ivan, the sexy foreman of Redemption Ridge, he is instantly smitten and the attraction is mutual. 

The chemistry between Ivan and Rory is immediately off the charts, and even though they start off agreeing to a no strings hookup, eventually as they communicate honestly about their pasts and allow feelings to grow. Once they begin to realize they have a special connection, Ivan and Rory are swoony and sweet and supportive with each other. 

I enjoyed the push and pull of their interactions, Rory is feisty and confident which gives Ivan a sense of freedom and allows himself to be vulnerable with Rory. The supportive secondary characters are a special found family for both Ivan and Rory, and their HEA wouldn’t be possible without them. 

A fun read with likable characters, plenty of steamy times and an unexpected love that works.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"Kindness shouldn't be a rare occurrence."

I thought that was an apt quote from the book to start my review with. It truly encompasses the way the found family on Redemption Ridge operates. I adore each and every one of the men who call the ranch their home. Ivan really put it in prospective when he explained the feeling of arriving on the ranch after incarceration and having his pick of clothes offered by Cash. Something we take for granted sometimes, the simple ability to OWN our own clothes, was monumental to him. It broke my heart. I can understand why Ivan was leery about new people disrupting the vibe of their sanctuary, it just turned out it wasn't needed when it came to Rory.

Right from the start these two men only had eyes for each other. Ivan fought it so hard. Rory, the cheeky little man he was, was undeterred by the grumpy giant. When these two finally gave into their lust it was explosive. It was also absolutely sweet as heck. I didn't realize what a softie Ivan was hiding under that gruff exterior. It's always the quiet ones who surprise you. And Rory. I wondered if he was going to be the spoiled brat type but I was way off base. He worked hard on the ranch and never asked for special treatment. He genuinely earned the trust of the men who worked beside him with his efforts. It's no wonder Ivan couldn't stop the inevitable, falling for the likeable man. Thankfully, Rory was in just as deep as Ivan.

"I'm going to keep you."

"Not if I keep you first."

Now I am absolutely thrilled that Cash's story is next! I thought we'd have to wait a bit more for his book and that Walker would save him for last. I'm now hoping that isn't the case because I really want a book for sweet Rue. And also of course Owen and Tyler, who it appears are following the route that Harry and Dylan took aka the oblivious one. I am so here for it!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Fortunate Son is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.