The Cursed Dragon's Untouched Mate (The Last Mortals Book 4) by Silvana Falcon

The Cursed Dragon's Untouched Mate is the most tear-jerking one in the series, according to Angel.

From the blurb:

Never been touched, never been kissed — until Kieran enters the picture.

Being one of the last regular mortals left in the world, Cale has spent most of his life in hiding and in isolation. Out in the woods, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for him to experiment or gather
experience. Now that he’s back among people, though, he plans to change things.

As luck would have it, fate leads him to a gorgeous storm dragon shifter, and Cale can hardly believe it when the handsome stranger leans in close and shamelessly flirts with him.

Cale wants Kieran, but Kieran is keeping a secret -- he’s been cursed, and anyone he loves will get hurt.

This is the last entry in the Last Mortals series. Happy Ending guaranteed.

Angel's Review:

I have read every single book in this series and have enjoyed reading every single one. The Cursed Dragon's Untouched Mate, though, takes the cake, in my opinion. This is not only my favorite book in the series, but Cale and Kieran are now my favorite characters as well. 

All of these books have been incredibly well written, and have had tons of world building, along with having terrific characters. It's one thing to write a good story, it's another to write great characters, and Silvana did both of those things with this book. 

I adored Cale. The fact that his best friend was Petalia and that he learned her language was so endearing. Even though she loved to gossip, you could tell that even though she is a flower, she truly cares about Cale. Something else I adored about Cale's character was his lack of a filter. He just said what he was thinking and what he was feeling with no qualms. He didn't bother censoring himself, and like Kieran said, it's a refreshing attribute. I wish we got to know more about Sven and his character, but I understand why he wasn't the most prevalent side character. I am intrigued by him though. I'm looking forward to his story.

Kieran is different from all the other dragons that have been featured in this series, and it's not just because he's a storm dragon. Although admittedly that's really cool. What sets him apart is how much he cares for people's well-being, and how he truly cared about Cale from the start. Yes, he tried to keep Cale at a distance, but he had his reasons. I appreciated the fact this book wasn't as angsty as the others have been, and while these two didn't have as much of an uphill battle towards being together, they did have a different type of battle to conquer. 

That battle being the curse that has been affecting his family for generations. I really liked how Silvana came up with the curse and how they gave us the backstory on how the family came to be cursed. I found that very interesting and unique. Although make sure you have tissues nearby, Cale and Kieran's story is definitely a tear jerker. 

Overall, I highly recommend this story, it's in my opinion, the best one of the series.  I'll also note that it was nice seeing appearances from the characters in the previous books. That was really neat!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Cursed Dragon's Untouched Mate is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.