The Bear's Brave Omega, The Grizzly Ridge Series #1 by A.J. Cane

"What an interesting and unique take on fated mates!" Angel read and reviewed The Bear's Brave Omega.

From the blurb:

Bear shifter Everett has found his fated mate, but he'll have to defeat another alpha to keep him.

When Milo’s date sprouts fangs and tries to bite him, he flees into the nearby forest and ends up lost. The gorgeous man who rescues him seems too good to be true… until Milo discovers his secret.

Everett knows the human omega is his fated mate, but the last thing Milo needs is another alpha shifter trying to claim him so soon after his traumatic experience.

Unfortunately, Milo’s date from hell is determined to mate with him—willing or not—and Everett will have to fight tooth and claw to protect their love.

If you love mpreg, possessive shifters, and omegas who just want to belong, then THE BEAR'S BRAVE OMEGA is your next must-read book.

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Angel's Review:

A.J. Cane is a new to me author. I've never read anything written by them before and I have to say I'm quite impressed. I really liked the concept and the plot of this story. The idea of a human having a date for wrong with a man who tried to bite him, and then that causes him to run into his fated mate? I really liked that concept, and it was unique. 

Milo has no idea shifters exist or are living amongst him. He also has no idea what mates are or what the word means. When he meets Everett, though, he knows he feels some sort of connection to the man who saved him. But he's unsure of why he feels that way. Milo has had a hard life due to him living in foster homes with people who bullied him and treated him poorly. He's never had a family or people he trusts. He hasn't ever had anyone who would realize if he went missing. Ever since he got rescued, he's realized that he might just have a family and people who love him yet. 

Everett's character was so unlike other Alpha makes, he didn't use his authority as a way to bully omegas. Instead, he made sure to not come off as threatening and made sure to listen to Milo and respect his boundaries. I liked the way these two slowly formed their relationship. I thought it was written well. 

I really enjoyed the nod to potential stories in the future. I would love to read Danny's story. I want to know how he's going to respond to finding his fated mate. So, I'm looking forward to that. Overall, this was a good and unique concept on the fated mate trope. 

Rating: 4 Stars

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