Sweat Connection (Hot Under the Collar Book 1) by Katherine McIntyre

Sweet, no angst story with lots of heat. We had 3 reviewers read Sweat Connection.

From the blurb:

One disaster bi single dad. One sexy plumber on a house call. One hot-as-hell romance….


If I was a hot mess before becoming a single dad, my life’s pretty much an on-fire garbage can now.

Okay, maybe that’s a tad melodramatic—my bestie/baby momma/ex-girlfriend is still awesome,
currently in the throuple of her dreams. And my kiddo Sammy’s amazing, albeit exhausting. I’m the one who’s too intense and rambling, too obsessed with random trivia, too liable to set dinner on fire. Essentially, too much for any relationship.

However, when a hottie plumber drops by to fix our toilet—thanks, Sammy—and gives me his number? My luck might just be turning around.


After my dad moved to a retirement community, he left me with the big, old house I grew up in and a whole lot of loneliness.

I thought by now I’d be settled down, but no one’s looking for the guy who likes long hikes with his dog, stargazing, and fixing shit around the house. They want fun, entertaining, flashy—not me.

Except when I give Rhys my private line for an emergency house call, I show up for the job to discover it’s a date. It seems like I might’ve met the one man on earth who’s just as interested as I am—if only we can find the guts to admit it.

Sweat Connection is a high heat, low angst M/M single dad romance with trivia nights, Star Wars rants, and light primal kink that reads as a standalone

Sheena's Review:

This is the first in a new series, although it is connected to a previous story I read it without that and still enjoyed it.

This is such a sweet, low angst story with a bisexual single dad who meets a sexy plumber and after a humiliating (and hilarious and sweet) misunderstanding, they start dating and it's all kinds of HOT. I loved Rhys. He's frenetic and random and completely non-stop and Cole is his perfect counterpoint. These two are just so perfect together. Cole loves Rhys' energy, and it brings him something he's been missing for a while, and Cole brings much needed calm to Rhys.

This is hot, sweet, no angst and just a perfect summer read. There's a huge cast of supporting characters and I do look forward to more in this series.  

Rating: 4 Stars

Holly's Review:

I planned on a few chapters before bed, and now it's well past midnight, and I've finished. I should have known better. To be honest, something about how Kat tells a story has me hook, line, and sinker. Rhys and Cole were no exception.  

Rhys, talk about hot mess, single dad goodness! More, please. And Cole, the sweetest bear on the planet. Throw in a cute kid, a pampered pup, and another all-star cast of awesome friends, and I'm down the rabbit hole desperately waiting for the next book. 

I haven't read much first person, but I loved every word. I was immediately immersed in this new world, and it gave me a much-needed escape from reality. Now the hard part… waiting for the next one! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

When Rhys's son Sammy flushes a toy car down the toilet, Rhys calls a plumber. The plumber who arrives is a tall, muscular, and man named Cole. Rhys knew he wanted to put himself back into the dating scene sooner than later... So why not ask out his plumber? 

This book was hilarious! These two men worked together splendidly, and Sammy's carefree acceptance of Cole was adorable. Although I think Sammy just really like Cole's dog. Rhys and Cole both has insecurities; who doesn't, but they help each other work through them by being supportive and being there for one another. I think this book was a short, sweet, funny, well-written story. I almost want to call this a novella mainly because it is on the shorter side, but that's not a bad thing. I loved the scene where Cole, his dad, Rhys, and Sammy all went fishing together and had a family day. It was so cute! I wish the epilogue was longer. It felt too sped up at the end, but other than that a really great book!

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

The meet-cute in this book had me all kinds of smiling as the parent of a kid who liked to stuff things down the toilet... I also love how clueless Cole is and how well they blend together.  This book had me smiling, laughing out loud and reading way past my bedtime.  It has great characters, a fast paced plot line and the perfect combination of adorable little boy and dog...

I also love that this book is the start of a new series and I can't wait to see what else Kat has for us in the Hot Under the collar series!

Rating: 5 Stars

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