Straight Crush: M/M Romcom (Am I the Problem? Book 4) by Devon Doe

Straight Crush is a bi-awakening story in the Am I the Problem series.

From the blurb:

Tl;dr: Am I the problem for forcing a straight homeless man to be my fake boyfriend? (I swear I’m actually helping him!)

I’ve [22M] been single for a long time, and my friends keep trying to set me up with guys, but after the experience I had with my ex, I’d much rather focus on my work. Savings are my priority because I’ve been on my own since I was sixteen.

So when I find out I inherited my estranged aunt’s house, it feels like hitting the jackpot. Problem is, the place is a ruin and a homeless guy [28M] is squatting there. He’s massive, rude and grumpy, but I have a soft heart and don’t want to just kick him out. I’m not about to give him a free ride though, so if he wants to stay, he needs to pull his weight. He’s straight, and a bit of an ass about my glittery nails, so forcing him to be my fake boyfriend seems like the perfect punishment. If my friends fall for our charade, I’ll have time to renovate the house without being pestered about my relationship status.

Turns out my fake boyfriend used to be a builder and is pretty handy with the power tools. Which is kinda hot. But he’s straight, so I shouldn’t think about him that way.

Update: We had an accident during renovations, and now there’s only one bed left for us to share. I’ve been avoiding relationships for such a long time, and now I kinda-maybe want one? It might be time to admit it. I have a crush on the straight guy.

Should I come clean about it? I don’t want him to freak out, but he is a bit touch starved and doesn’t mind cuddling. Does that mean his sexuality has wiggle room?


Find out if a fake relationship can lead to real love!

Straight Crush” is a bi-awakening, grumpy/sunshine M/M romcom where a fake relationship turns all too real amidst renovation chaos. There’s more to Kai than glitter and roller skates, and Jake is much more than his disability and bad luck. Together, they end up mending not just walls and pipes, but also each other’s hearts.

(Kai and Jake’s story)

This story can be read as a standalone.

Jacquie's Review:

I love bi-awakenings and this was done so well here. There's a slow burn while Jake comes to terms with his identity and attraction to Kai, but it's all the other stuff that sold it for me.

Kai never treats Jake like a charity case. He empowers him at every turn. Gives him back his sense of self and allows him to grow. There were a few moments that got to me. Kai really endeared himself to me with how he spoke to Jake. I liked his character before this, but I loved him by the end of this book.

Jake has self esteem issues due to his accident and subsequent struggles, but he takes Kai at face value and their friendship was just the sweetest! While they were being "fake" they were very affectionate and Jake was touch starved. It was so cute how they sought each other out all the time.

Another win is how they communicate with each other and their friends. Jake, knowing he's done wrong, seeks out someone to help him.

Levi was a lot more prominent in this book, warming us up for his one next. It'll be hard to top this one though.

Rating: 5 Stars

Straight Crush is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.