#NSFWednesday - Life on Mars (FBI Files #4) by Patricia Logan


For today's #NSFWednesday, we bring you a spicy scene from book four of Patricia Logan's FBI Files, Life on Mars

From the Blurb:

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Special agent, Max Prince, and his boyfriend, Dr. Leo Reeves, are back to work after their first case together. When a prominent Department of Defense scientist kills himself in a mysterious way, their entire FBI team is tasked to figure out if the weapon he was working on was somehow the cause of his death. Things get even more interesting when SAC Lincoln Snow calls in old friends to help. Damon Thorne, formerly of the CIA, and Jarrett and Thayne from the ATF step up to help on the premise that their case might have a link to biological terrorism.

But it's so much worse .

Seventy years ago, the CIA began an illegal human experimentation program, code named MK-ULTRA, and the more Leo and Max learn about what Dr. Cummings has been doing for the DOD, the closer they draw parallels to the defunct program. These experiments aren’t the only things the government scientist has been working on. When Jarrett and Thayne go exploring at his house, they discover a secret room which promises to reveal the true nature of what’s happening…and it’s worse than they could’ve imagined.

Evil always targets the most vulnerable .

Just when they think they’ve figured out what’s going on, an old nemesis from the FBI steps in with instructions to shut it all down and take over. All Max knows is, the sudden appearance of a guy their whole team hates, can’t be good, especially when he starts throwing his weight around. Something else is going on here and a cover up is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. To top it all off, an embarrassing ex, an accidental poisoning, multiple break-ins, and a couple of bad guys acting like ninjas, add to the utter chaos of this case which promises to be stranger than life on Mars. After all—

Truth is stranger than fiction.


After rushing to unlock the door, greeting Bruce, and shooing him out into the backyard, he jogged into the bathroom where he caught Leo trying to strip out of his tank top, still damp and stained from his sweat.

“No. Leave it on,” he growled into the back of his neck, looking up and meeting Leo’s perplexed gaze over his shoulder in the bathroom mirror as he braced himself with both hands.

“Why? It’s soaked with sweat,” Leo protested.

“Hell yeah, it is.” Max took a deep inhale of Leo’s sweaty hair then spun him, pinning his body up against the bathroom counter, pressing his backside into it. He stared at his full lips, parted in surprise and then slammed his mouth down on Leo’s, sucking hard on his tongue. He really couldn’t help himself. He inhaled the scent of sweat and musk, reveling in the smell of wet, hot male. He desperately needed to taste him. Max reached for the waistband of Leo’s basketball shorts and wormed his hand down the front, bypassing the netting and encountering his damp jockstrap. He separated his mouth from Leo’s only long enough to throw him a sly grin before sinking to his knees right there on the bathroom rug and taking the stretchy shorts along with him.

When they’d sufficiently pooled around Leo’s ankles, he reached for the front of the wet jock. Leo’d put on one of his favorites—a bright pink ribbed Andrew Christian with a wide black band—but it was the massive bulge that hung down in front which made Max’s mouth water. He wasn’t really sure whether it was the wetness of the jock or the size of Leo’s dick when erect, but he was quite sure he could trace the throbbing, delicious vein running down the length of his cock. He grinned up at Leo as he tested the weight of it in his hand, then slowly tightened his fingers around it, which only made his lover gasp.

“Jesus, Max!” Leo groaned when Max lowered his mouth and replaced his hand. He bit over the jockstrap, tonguing the clean sweat from the front of it, and inhaling the deep, satisfying scent of musk. There was nothing so exciting as the smell of this man than after he finished a workout or a run. He nuzzled into his groin, sliding his hand into a leg hole that gaped away from his thigh because he was so hard. Max slid his bandaged hand around to his naked ass cheek, hating the fact that there was a barrier between his palm and Leo’s skin. Ignoring the sting of his healing stitches, he squeezed the tight globe in his hand as the fingers of his right rolled his naked balls inside his jock, and tongue lapping the sweat soaked cloth confining his hard dick.

“Christ, Max, just take it off and suck me,” Leo begged.

That sounded like a fantastic idea to Max. He let go of Leo’s butt cheek and used both hands to grasp the stretchy black band and pull it down. When his cock popped out, standing at attention, and pointing right at his mouth, Max literally heard himself whimper. He looked up at Leo and smiled sensuously.

“Watch this,” he hissed, keeping eye contact as his tongue snaked out and licked up a drop of precome beading at the slit in the fat head. As he tasted Leo’s essence on his tongue, he shivered with lust. He was sure the man towering over him right now was the sexiest thing on two legs. Speaking of which…he lifted both hands, skimming them upward over his hairy thighs until he wrapped the left hand around the back of one, taking his cock in hand with the other. He pointed the tip toward his mouth and relaxed his jaw before slowly sliding his wet mouth over the fat head. The way Leo tasted with his musky scent filling his senses, made Max insane. He loved how the simple act of sucking his man off with Leo’s gaze focused on him, made his own cock hard as a post.

He sucked hard, sliding on as far as he could, feeling the head of Leo’s cock bump the back of his throat as Leo’s hands dropped onto his head, fingers curling into his hair. He pulled on it, tugging just enough to send electric shocks coursing through him, lighting up nerve endings all the way down to his own hard dick, trapped inside his jock. He suddenly pulled off, feeling drool sliding down his chin as he smiled up at Leo. Leo pushed on the back of his head which just made Max chuckle.

“Don’t worry, darlin’. I’ll get to it. Be patient.” He spat onto his fingers and grinned up at Leo before diving back down on his cock and sliding his hand into Leo’s crack.

“Oh, God!” Leo shouted as Max’s slick finger swirled around his tight, little hole for just a second before plunging in. Leo gasped, urging Max on as he widened his ankles as far as he could with the limitation of shorts and jock. Max grinned and dove back down onto his cock at the same time he added a second slick finger. “Max!” Leo screamed as he was both penetrated and sucked like a vacuum. Max was going to make this good. The sensation of Leo’s pubes on his lips as he went all the way down on him, was incredible. The thick veins along Leo’s dick slid over his tongue each time he pulled off, sucking as hard as he could, ignoring the scab on his lip. He was holding this gorgeous male, finger fucking him, and doing his goddamned best to make the man lose himself and shoot down his throat. He wanted it. He wanted to swallow Leo’s thick load. With his bandaged hand, he let go of his ass and reached back around, taking Leo’s balls in hand and massaged them, loving the reaction that provoked. It didn’t take long before his lover was using his hips to stroke into his mouth over and over, reacting to the prostate rub he was getting from Max’s eager fingers.

“Oh, God, Max, I’m gonna come!” Leo shouted, pulling his hair and he buried himself in his throat. Max was close to gagging but he swallowed around the head, somehow managing to nod. He desperately wanted every drop Leo had and he wanted it bad. He’d wanted it ever since he’d watched Leo grunting through the weights at the FBI gym tonight. Leo suddenly cried out his name and flooded his mouth with come. Max pulled off only far enough to be able to swallow his lover’s load as quickly as he could. Leo throbbed hard in his mouth and more hot semen jetted onto his tongue. When his own climax suddenly rushed in on him, he pulled his fingers out of Leo’s ass, ignoring his gasp, and grabbed his own throbbing cock just in time to jack it.

Max came inside his jock, flooding his shorts like a schoolboy, filling his pants before he even had time to pull his dick free. He gave Leo’s cock a final suck and pulled off, leaning back and looking up into his face. The expression on it was nothing but sated lust. He jacked his own dick a few times. Leo seemed to realize what was happening and he sank to the floor in front of Max, pushing him back and reaching for the waistband of his shorts. Leo yanked them and his jockstrap down and stared at the sticky, white mess he’d made for only a second before batting Max’s hand away. He swooped down on his groin and started to lap at his come.  

You can read more of Max and Leo's story in Life on Mars, available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.