More cover reveals from the Possessive Love series and 2 exclusive snippets!

We had RM Neill's cover yesterday, so here are the rest of the covers recently reveals from the multi-author series, Possessive Love.

Drop Dead Demon by B. Ripley:

From the moment I first saw Brady, I knew he was my mate. He thought I was just his imaginary friend and I let him believe that because at his side, I felt more complete than I ever had before. I didn’t mean to ever leave him, but I didn’t have much of a choice. I may be a Prince of Hell, but my father’s rule is absolute and out of his fear that I will someday overpower him, he had me imprisoned when I was just a child.
But, I was freed.
Rescued from where I’ve been held for far too many years, the only thing on my mind is claiming Brady as mine. I have lingered in the darkness without him for so long that seeing him now is like a breath of fresh air, but he’s starting to change. My father may have worried about who I would become, but it’s my mate he truly should have feared.
He is beautiful.
He is terrifying.
He is mine.

As a lonely child, Roth was the only thing I could count on. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t real, my imaginary friend was there when I needed someone. Roth meant everything when nobody else would let themselves get close to me. When I got older, he disappeared as make-believe things are supposed to and I put childhood behind me, moving on into a career on the runway as a sought after fashion model.
But Roth is back.
He says he’s a demon and I am his mate. We were created for each other, he tells me, but there are beings conspiring to keep us apart. They’re scared of what he will become when he claims me, but they should have feared me instead because I am no longer the lonely little boy I once was.
I am loved.
I am powerful.
I am his.

The Demon's Dealbreaker by Delaney Rain:

A witch, two fairies, a minor god, and four demons walk into a bar and suddenly Dwyer Eamonn’s life will never be the same.

Turns out that Dwyer’s parents promised him—their firstborn—as payment when they made eight different deals with various supernatural beings. At the stroke of midnight on his twenty-first birthday, every single claimant comes calling, ready to make Dwyer their heir.

Unable to deny them all, it’s up to Dwyer to choose which supernatural being he wants to become by spending time with each of them. What does a witch do all day? Do crossroads demons really hang out on street corners? He has eight hours to learn about them one at a time before he must make a decision.

Right away, one of them draws Dwyer in like no one ever has. He doesn’t want to become a demon, but he does want to be with one. Is that even possible? And since choosing an heir means these people want to shuffle off their mortal coil, is love reason enough to make one of them stay? After all, they’ll have forever once Dwyer makes his choice.

Content Warnings: violence, coercion/dubcon, tentacle sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism/public sex

Curiosity Caught the Demon by Travis Beaudoin:

He pulled me into his world by mistake. Now I’m trying like hell to bring him into mine.

It’s hard to surprise Gremory. He’s been around for millennia, after all. But when he’s accidentally summoned by Scotty, the big-hearted owner of a struggling antique shop, he realizes there are still people in the world who can provoke his curiosity.

As Gremory lets himself get tangled up in human emotions and earthly delights, Scotty's optimism and charm become irresistible. What started out as strictly business blossoms into a connection that stretches the laws of Heaven, Hell, and the local town council.

From witty banter to steamy encounters to playful escapades, their relationship blurs the line between pleasure and pain, pushing the boundaries of their desires.

CURIOSITY CAUGHT THE DEMON is a low-angst, small-town, sweet-with-heat romance between a young man and an ancient demon. Expect dreams coming true, smiles, cuddles, and a decent amount of sinning.

Terrible Lovely Demon by Odessa Hywell:

A decade ago, Maxton cheated death. Now, a twist of fate brings him face-to-face with his demonic savior.

Ten years ago Maxton Grant was a frail sixteen-year-old slowly being consumed by an aggressive form of childhood cancer and teetering on the brink of death. Until, suddenly, he wasn’t.

The doctors called it a miracle, but Maxton knew the truth. An act of divine intervention wasn’t what saved him. It was Beau Holland, his hot-as-sin night nurse—a demon in disguise who was willing to make a deal with a dying teenager that gave him a second chance at life.

Now, a decade later, a chance encounter reunites Maxton with the demon from his past. Neither can fight the questionable chemistry that has always existed between them, but they struck a bargain, and Maxton must pay the price.

Is it such a terrible fate to owe a lovely demon a favor?

Now for an exclusive excerpt from HL Day's Exercising a Demon:

He wasn’t screaming. My dad had said people would scream if they saw me in my true form. Was it good that Jacob wasn’t? Or would the screaming start soon? Should I cover his mouth before he started? I could change back now that my libido had calmed down a bit, but it was probably too late for that when the damage had already been done. “You can’t tell anyone,” I said. “Especially not Lucifer.”
“Lucifer!” Jacob’s throat bobbed as he tried to swallow and seemed to be having difficulty. “As in Satan?”
I nodded and he continued to stare. “What are you?”
Right. I hadn’t answered that question yet. “A demon,” I muttered.
He leaned closer. “A what?”
I cleared my throat and tried to look less embarrassed about it. “I’m a demon.”
Jacob pushed his glasses more firmly on his nose. It was a gesture he did frequently, and one I was already starting to appreciate. “Right.” He moved his hand in a weak circle meant to encapsulate my body. “I guess that explains the tail, the skin, and the teeth.”
“And the horns,” I said indignantly. “They might not be the finest pair, but they are there.” I tipped my head forward so he could get a better look. “See.”
“They’re very nice,” he said somewhat weakly, and I had to say less than convincingly. I bet he’d love my dad’s horns. He cleared his throat. “What happens now? Are you going to eat me? Is that why you lured me here? Oh my God! Are you going to defile me first?” Was it my imagination or was there a glint in his eye when he said that last part. “Are you going to throw me down on the carpet and force me to carry out depraved sex acts?”
“Oh!” Was that disappointment in his voice? It had certainly sounded like it. He raised his chin. “Well, good, because I don’t have sex with demons and I only have eyes for Randall.”
“You’ve met a demon before?” That would explain why he was taking this so well.
“Well, no, but…”
“So how do you know you don’t have sex with them?”
“I just know,” he said, crossing his arms across his chest. “I know because I’m a one-man man, and you’re not Randall.”
That name again. “Who’s Randall?”
“Randall is my boyfriend.” Jacob’s brow creased. “Well… not quite, but he will be soon. That’s why I need to get big and buff.” His eyes narrowed suspiciously behind the lens of his glasses. “Are you really a personal trainer?”
I nodded.
“Huh.” His expression said he was struggling with the concept. “A demon personal trainer. Interesting!” He paused. “So, you can help me get Randall?”

Taken from The Demon's Dealbreaker by Delaney Rain:

“Fuck this,” Scary said, his voice like a predator’s growl. “I won’t give up on my claim just because I’m not the strongest one here. I have just as much right to the firstborn as the rest of you.”

“Firstborn?” I whispered, mostly to myself. Did he mean me?

The tattooed demon chucked me under the chin. “We’ve all made deals with your parents over the years that should’ve meant we get their firstborn child.”

I shook my head. No. No, that was not possible. My parents wouldn’t do that to me. No fucking way they would sell me for spells.

I ran. I twisted around and got out the door as voices raised in alarm behind me. I could see my friends at a table beyond the end of the hallway I was sprinting down. Why I thought getting to a bunch of biology nerds would make the world normal again, I didn’t know, but that was my goal. Just get to them and get out of there and everything would be fine. Just fine.

I didn’t make it.

One second I was in the bar and the next I was standing on grass and teetering on the edge of a grassy drop-off above the endless black of star-filled space. I screamed, arms windmilling as I tried to stop my forward momentum, up on my toes and threatening to fall.

Someone grabbed the back of my shirt and nearly ripped it off my arms since it was still open.  A second later and a hand wrapped around my throat and pulled me back. I slammed against a sturdy chest, and his other arm clamped around my waist. I didn’t mind his clutching hold since he had just saved me from a confusing but pretty certain death.

Broad and strong hands caressed my throat and stomach. I closed my eyes as I realized who held me against his chest. The crisp white cuffs and the black suit jacket were a dead giveaway. I covered Tamiel’s hands with mine and leaned against him.

“You’re going to be such trouble,” he whispered in my ear like he was looking forward to it.

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