Heatwave by A.D. Ellis

Heatwave by A.D. Ellis is a medium angst small town opposites attract age gap story that involves a not-so-meetcute featuring a puppy, a shoe, a heatwave and mud... and just keeps going from there.

From the blurb:

Avery Kirk is back in his small hometown ready to tackle his dream career as a dietician. He’s happy with his life, though he wouldn’t be against the dating scene being a bit more spectacular. At least he has his beloved grandma close by.

Grant Nelson finds himself far removed from his big-city life as he searches for a grandfather he never knew existed. Life has taken a crushing, career-changing turn for the musician, but he’s not ready to admit defeat.

A record-breaking heatwave, a small wet dog, and long-lost love reunited brings Avery and Grant together. At first, their temporary situation is easy and casual. When feelings get involved, everything changes and decisions become more difficult. Neither man expected to find love, but fate seems to have different plans.

**Heatwave is a steamy, small-town, age-gap, forced proximity M/M romance between a plant-loving dietician and a musician struggling with change. Throw in fun family, a mysterious canine, and an unexpected thing for feet, and you’ve got an addictive, sexy, emotional male/male romance sure to leave you satisfied.**

Heather's Review:

Who knew global warming could spark romance?  When a heatwave creates cascading problems in a small town, one part of the problem is solved by Avery taking Grant in... along with other family members, creating an only one bed situation that clearly heats up!

Heatwave was a quick and mostly light-hearted read with just a few real life sads creeping in.  There is a death mentioned (not mc or family) and you'll either love or cringe at how open and honest Avery's grandmother is, depending on if you are okay picturing seniors having intimacy...

I enjoyed the pacing, the storyline and Grant's journey of falling in love not only with Avery but with the small town and the changes in his life.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heatwave is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription