Dragon's Dawn (To Kill a King Book 1) by Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes

"What a unique and creative new dragon mm romance series!" Our review for Dragon's Dawn comes from Angel.

From the blurb:

For nineteen years, I have carved myself into a dutiful son, a courtier of unimpeachable wit, and a genuine delight at a tea party. Now that my success in society has planted me in the path of Mikhail Vasiliev, it’s clear I’d have been better off keeping my head down.

Prince Mikhail is the second son of a traitor. Third in line to the throne, he has a reputation for violence, debauchery, and being a thorn in the side of his cousin, King Dmitri. That is, until the king decides to get him out of the way—by marrying him off.

To me.

Suddenly prince of a brutal, frozen land, I have no choice but to spy on my father’s behalf. From the morning of our wedding, my beastly husband and I have been at odds, but if I cannot win him over, I’ll find myself in the jaws of his colossal red dragon.

By the time I realize there is more between us than hostility and mistrust, it is too late. The die has been cast, the knife thrust, and our private battle is set to topple the whole kingdom.

Beauty gets tied to a real beast in this MM high fantasy romance, featuring: the cutest companion mink to ever bite the hand of a prince, two reluctant husbands who hate each other everywhere but between the sheets, and a heap load of court intrigue to ensure things go perfectly wrong for our murderhimbo and his slinky courtier beau.

Angel's Review:

I'll be honest, Dragon's Dawn took me a while to get into. The time period the book took place in was in the regency era?, and so the writing depicted that. I think that's why it took me a while to get invested in the story because the wording that was used was a bit confusing to me at times. However, despite that, I very much enjoyed the creative liberties that both authors took while creating this unique world full of character who have questionable morals and ethics. I really was intrigued by the characters having their soul counterparts being animals. I found that very interesting and unique. Genya's mink was adorable and defensive, and I can't write this review and not acknowledge the big puppy that is Misha's dragon. He is truly adorable, and the two soul counterparts were definitely the stars of this book. 

I thought the relationship between the two MC's was.. dysfunctional yet fitting? I mean, if these two just communicated, a lot of their problems could've been avoided. But Genya was too stubborn, and Misha was too pig-headed and in his own world. I do believe that these two are a good pair, as much as they argue they are good for each other. They argue, yes, but they also show each other their love in a multitude of ways. I appreciated how the authors wrote their relationship and how they really made the reader hold their breath. Cause let me tell you, these two did not get to their HEA right away, they fought that tooth and nail. I liked that this book was on the longer side, it gave plenty of time for the plot to develop and gor the characters to grow, each character had depth and a plethora of details and information. Which I always enjoy and appreciate. 

I will say that this book is very high on the steam level. There are a ton of spicy scenes throughout the course of this book. So if that's not your cup of tea, you may find yourself skimming some pages. 

I really enjoyed how both these men came into their own selves, how Misha grew as a person, and how Genya also grew and learned how to be more than a 'pretty face.' With Misha's help he learned and realized he was so much more than that. I'm really looking forward to Konstantin's story. I can't help but wonder who his significant other will be. I'm so excited! 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Dragon's Dawn is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.