Cover Reveal: My Saintly Demon by RM Neill

My Saintly Demon
by RM Neill releases on October 6th on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited!  Read on for the blurb and an excerpt!

The only thing better than church lady made food is a good joint and a better orgasm.

What if all three are delivered by a sexy priest?

I know demons are supposed to be terrifying and evil. Some might even say cruel and heartless.

But the thing is, I don’t like it.

The constant scowling and the raining of fire on people, it really isn’t good for my mental health. Give me fluffy bunnies and a good cuddle after a long day and I’m a happy guy.

The problem is, I am a demon and I’m really freaking bad at it.

When my dad sent me to earth for a week to learn from humans how easy it is to be horrible, it sounded like a crap trip to me.

But I met a man there and he’s not just any man. He’s a priest, and he’s as bad at his job as I am. 

We’re gonna help each other out. He’ll teach me how to be bad and I’ll… ah, dammit.

The only thing he’s going to teach me is that I can fall in love with a human.

What could be scarier than that?

My Saintly Demon features a marshmallow demon and a jaded priest who make an unlikely pair in this thought provoking and steamy novella about a demon who just can’t be bad and seeks comfort, and a priest who needs balance between his want for the forbidden and a desire to find acceptance for who he really is.


He takes a sip from the glass covered in sunshine-yellow daisies and licks his lips. “Have you tried this wine? It’s fan-freaking-tastic.” He holds the glass out to me. “Go on, Father, just a sip.”

“Call me Charles.”

Why I’m telling a man who just told me he’s a demon to call me by first name, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to be called Father anymore. Maybe it’s because I want him to moan my name later. 

Probably a bit of both, to be honest.

I take the glass and drink, never breaking eye contact and smile when I notice the way he shifts against the counter.

“So, why isn’t your father happy with your demon ways?” I pass the wine glass back to him and our fingers brush. My dick jumps at the touch, reminding me I didn’t take care of it earlier. He has nice hands, too. 

Draining the glass, he sets it on the counter and steps closer to me. “I’m here because my dad thinks I’m ‘too nice’. Whatever that fucking means. I mean, I’m not a monster, okay? It’s not a bad thing to be a little friendly here and there.”

His eyes glow a muted red as he speaks and a warmth radiates off his body. It’s warm enough for the sweat to bead on my forehead just standing this close to him. And there’s something else. Maybe it’s a false feeling of intimacy since he was in my dream, or maybe it’s because my dick is suddenly insatiable. Whatever it is, it’s enough for me to want to be a total slut and beg him to fuck me in the church kitchen. Hell, maybe even eat some cookies afterwards. I still haven’t got the Nanaimo bar I wanted yet.

“Did you find any more of that wine while you were in the fridge?” 

He snorts. “You don’t think I can make you more? That’s not a trademarked party trick, you know.” He smooths a palm across my cheek and his eyes soften along with his voice. “You’re a good-looking guy. A man of honour in the church. Why are you thinking about fucking a stranger in the kitchen?”

“Is reading minds a power or something you have?”

He shrugs his shoulder. “Sometimes. I never really worked on the skill, but you’re very…sensual. You’re dialled into my channel, if you know what I mean.”

I actually don’t know what he means because real life demons who walk on two legs in fitted suits and, dear god, have horns sprouting from their head are not supposed to be real. 

But when life presents opportunities, take them. Maybe even grab them by the horns, if appropriate.

“So…if I wanted you to fuck my face right here, would you do it?”

My Saintly Demon by RM Neill releases on October 6th on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited!  Pre-order your copy today!