Corin and the Courtier (Beautiful Beasts Book 1) by Eliot Grayson

Corin and the Courtier was a sweet tale of a second chance at happiness with the most unlikely partner, who may have been the right partner all along. 

From the blurb:

Most people run from beasts, not to them…

Aster didn’t put much thought into his escape. All he knew when he ran up that mountain—straight into the lair of a grumpy dragon knight with a huge grudge against his family—was that he couldn’t submit to an arranged marriage. It never occurred to him that a snowstorm would strand him there. Or that he’d give in to years of longing and beg for the monster’s forbidden touch. But it happened. All of it…

Corin wasn’t trying to be a hero—especially not Aster’s hero. He couldn’t very well let him die, though. So he protected him. Which might have been considered noble…if he hadn’t also fallen into bed with him. Over and over again. But the cost of keeping Aster is far more than Corin’s willing to pay. Corin will eventually be forced to let him go—even if it destroys him.

When Aster’s problems follow him up the mountain—literally—he realizes running is no longer an option. The only question now is whether Corin will fight for him, or burn their potential happily ever after to the ground…

This spicy, steamy, M/M paranormal fantasy romance features a pair of star-crossed opposites, a little forced proximity (with only one bed), some silliness involving a lack of pants at unexpected moments, and plenty of dirty talk.

This series does not contain mpreg. There’s a brief occurrence of self-destructive ideation in this book, but no action is taken. HEA guaranteed!

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

I requested Corin and the Courtier not realizing it was book 2 in a series. (ETA Goodreads has this as book 2 and Devon and the Dragon as book 1. Amazon has this book as book 1). So of course I hurriedly downloaded book 1 so that I could dive into this one next. I'm glad I did. This series is totally cute, yet each of the books did stand alone. I loved how much of a grump Corin was. He was humiliated very publicly by his ex fiance' so I can't really blame him. I also can't blame him for being quite prickly when said fiance's younger brother shows up on Corin's doorstep. Fortunately Aster is nothing like his dishonorable sister and he soon proves that to Corin.

These two were idiots when it came to each other. Poor Aster had such low self esteem. He never believed someone like Corin would want him for anything other than a willing body. Corin has convinced himself that living alone in his castle is a perfectly acceptable life. They are both so very wrong. This one is STEAMY folks. Like holy hell once they start they can't keep their hands off each other. This made for one happy reader ie ME. I also loved their moments out of the bed when Aster would do something adorable making Corin laugh. It was sweet. Though their HEA included a separation, it was brief. Basically it was Corin regretting Aster leaving the moment he did because he's a stubborn git and proceeding to make it right in an epic way. A solid ending if there ever was one.

Rating: 5 Stars

Corin and the Courtier is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.