Cold Day Dawning, Jagged Shores #4 by Thom Collins

Right from almost the beginning I knew who had done it but the why kept me turning the pages. Dalton trying to maintain a relationship with his sister, attends her party. His reception isn't as he hoped, but he does meet Antoni and they both feel an instant attraction. It's the morning after that changes things.

From the blurb for Cold Day Dawning:


Book four in the Jagged Shores series

Danger comes in the cold of morning.

It should be the perfect weekend away. Dalton Caine makes the long journey to Nyemouth to attend a party hosted by his sister. Catherine is estranged from most of the family, but Dalton feels the time has come to build bridges between them. Things don't turn out how he wants, however, when Catherine gives him a cold reception at the party. But the evening is not a complete waste of time when he meets local photographer Antoni.

Following a near-fatal attack six months earlier, Antoni has struggled with his physical and mental recovery. Catherine's party is the first time he has been out at night since then, and he's ready for an early exit when he meets Dalton. The stranger is warm, friendly and incredibly handsome. When Antoni overcomes his reservations and accepts a drink at Dalton's hotel, it could be the start of something new for them both.

Despite the joy of fresh romance, things soon take a darker turn. The morning after the party, Catherine's boyfriend reports her missing. Dalton isn't initially concerned. Catherine has disappeared of her own will before, and he's more interested in getting to know Antoni, but the men soon find themselves at the centre of a twisted mystery, one that puts both of their lives at risk.

Reedkaye's Review:

Cold Day Dawning is the first in the series I’ve read. I really enjoyed it and will read the previous in the series. Dalton, trying to maintain a relationship with his sister, attends a party she throws. His sister seems to find little time for him except when using him for her social media. As he is planning on leaving, he meets Antoni.

Antoni is a photographer who took a series of pictures of Catherine. She entices him to her party with the tease of showing off these pictures to some influential people. That doesn’t turn out exactly as she promised, and he hoped. He does meet Dalton and that changes things.

Dalton and Antoni are attracted to each other. Both have events that have caused each to be the way they are, and it takes a while for them to be willing to share these. The romance is really emotional. The mystery part lets you know pretty much from the beginning the who done it but it’s getting to the why that made me anxiously turning the pages.  

I found this an engrossing story and as I mentioned, will be reading the previous stories now.

Rating: 4 Stars

Cold Day Dawning is available to buy as an ebook