Charlie and Randolph (Fated Fantasies Book 4) by Holly Oliver

"The plot thickens, and the fighting never ends." Angel continues their read of the Fated Fantasies series with the brand new release, Charlie and Randolph.

From the blurb:

Magic, mayhem, and a dash of mystery. Racing against the sands of the hourglass, with an unseen evil intent on causing division – staying sane is priority number one.

Charlie Hazelwood has always lived his life for others… and has always fallen short. Since meeting the Array, his life has been one hectic mess after another, and still, he hopes for something or someone to hold onto.

Randolph Holloway lives for chaos. He can’t help it – his mind is wired that way. When he is called to a mysterious mansion to help an enigmatic dragon lady in distress, he can immediately see why his skills are needed. What he hadn’t expected was meeting someone who would change his life forever.

While the Fates have their plans set in stone, someone else is intent on causing trouble. After barely saying hello, the pair are swept apart by the one thing that makes Randolph different – his incredible mind.

Triggers – this story mentions the death of a parent, there is some physical violence, a blood sacrifice is alluded to on page, and vague references to past trauma that some readers may find difficult to read. If these are triggers for you, then please don’t read this book.

However, if you are looking for Mafia seagulls, manic MCs, magic, unusual shifters, and a cute kid for a dash of sweetness, then this is the story for you.

Angel's Review:

The more books you read in this series you can see how Holly's writing has grown. With the first book, it felt as though they had an idea of what they wanted, and where they wanted it to go, but it wasn't quite there yet. Whereas now that ice read each book in this series, their writing just keeps growing and improving. This was the most action packed book of them all so far, and we also got some questions answered, while still having questions. Holly doesn't give their secrets away too soon, which I appreciate. 

Each new addition to this series is fresh and new, unique and exciting. I look forward to learning more about this mysterious 'Master'. This book was really great, the writing was excellent! The action scenes and those moments where Randolph wasn't exactly in his mind were written so well. This story, while being fiction, was so realistic. I really enjoyed how this was written, and I admire how Holly is continuing the overarching plotline. 

When you first read about Charlie and Randolph, you'll probably be suspicious about them finding each other so soon. And I'm here to tell you, your suspicion is correct. This book is full of angst, despair, magic, curses, demons, shifters and so much more! I am so excited for the next book, and I'm looking forward to who is next to find their fated mate. There are only two more members of The Array left. I wonder what other terrible things this family will have to face next.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Charlie and Randolph is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.