Bad Boys by A.E. Wasp (Hot off the Ice book 7)

Heather says, "I was so excited when our team was offered Bad Boys as an ARC - I've read the previous six books in the Hot Off the Ice series and was so excited to see some of the other characters again... although when I asked Amy about whether someone could read it standalone, she immediately replied that you could - and I concur!"  

From the Bad Boys blurb:

Behave or be benched.

Noah Braterman's hotheaded attitude may cost him his NHL career before it truly begins. After alienating his current teammates, coaches, fans, and the press, Noah gets a second chance to prove his worth when he’s traded to the Seattle Thunder with one ultimatum—lose the attitude or lose his spot on the team.

Enter Adam Labatt, former NHL player, and Noah’s last, best Vegas fling.

After his own rocky past in the show, Adam turned himself around and is now being asked by his old mentor to help Noah learn to play well with others. Living in isolation on his private island and still guilt-ridden over the way his marriage ended, how can Adam possibly mentor anyone? But the man he shared an unexpectedly intimate passionate night with is worth fighting for, even if he has to fight Noah himself.

Forced into close quarters, the walls they’ve erected to protect themselves crumble as they share their hopes, dreams, and fears.

Fate brought them together. Now it’s up to them to find the courage to face the world unafraid. If they do, they just might create a future better than they could have imagined that night in Vegas under the desert stars.

Heather's Review:

An anonymous one night stand becomes so much more when Noah and Adam spend time together while trying to save Noah's NHL career and sort out his emotional issues around the game...

Who doesn't love a Bad Boy redemption story?  This one has introspection, making amends and forging new connections, along with all the chemistry between the main characters!  Both men experience healing and find passion for themselves and each other and it's beautiful to watch.

I truly hope Bad Boys isn't the end of the Hot Off The Ice series (or there's a spin-off) because I think Amy writes bad boys of hockey so well!

Rating: 5 Stars

Bad Boys is currently available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.