#ThrowbackThursday - If I Could Wish by Duckie Mack [NSFW]


For #ThrowbackThursday, we're celebrating Christmas in July with Duckie Mack's 2022 novella, If I Could Wish. This book, along with eleven others, are on sale this week so make sure you stock your Kindle and beat the heat with some wintery romances!

From the Blurb:

Penn enjoys hooking up. He craves the closeness and touch but he compares every guy to the one person he can’t have. His best friend, his confidant, the only one he can rely on. The problem…he’s not real.

Benny has been at Penn’s side since childhood. They are connected so deeply, he can’t leave him. He’s tried, but Penn always calls him back. Knowing how strong Penn’s feelings are makes it even harder. What’s more…it’s not one-sided.

When the two cross a line one night and the lines of reality begin to blur, it sends them in a tailspin as they try to figure out what it means. Can there really be something tangible between them?

If I Could Wish is a stand-alone holiday novella with a twist. It features an imaginary friend-to-lover and a dash of Christmas magic.


"A little attention might have been nice though. Instead, it was disappointing, awkward, and unsatisfying.”

My eyes roamed over him. His rumpled shirt, his loose jeans, the body I knew they hid. What an idiot for not enjoying every inch of Penn’s lithe form. How could anyone look at him and not want to give him everything?


Penn’s eyes narrowed and even in the dark, I could see heat behind them. “Completely.” The one word came out thicker than his voice a moment ago. I knew that tone. I craved that tone.

“Is that…maybe something I can help with?” If I had breath in my lungs, I would have been holding it. I was well aware that I was Penn’s inspiration on occasion, it was hard not to be when he practically screamed my name in his head. I had been present while he pleasured himself, had seen him in the peak of climax with my name wrapped around his thoughts, but it had never been spoken between us. I worried that I took it too far, that I pushed past the easy comfort he found in us. I never wanted him to be uncomfortable with me.

“Is that something you would want to help with?” He asked hesitantly.

“Yes.” The word was barely a whisper, barely a thought, but it roared through the room as if I had shouted it for all the world to hear.

Penn rolled to his back, laying flat, and drew a deep breath. I watched every movement of his body. The way he both steeled himself and relaxed all at once. “What exactly would you do…to help me?”

What wouldn’t I do? How many times had I imagined the ways I would worship his body? We grew together, he and I. Once small and innocent, we played silly games and had adventures. Then Penn got older and he brought me along with him. In each phase and change he went through, he created those in me too. Now at twenty-four, I was stronger than him, a little bigger too. I knew that a part of me was who he wished himself to be. But if he couldn’t be it, then I would be for him. Even still, I couldn’t help but be nervous about crossing this line we had never crossed before.

“Will you let me see you?” I asked in the darkness. No matter how little light there was, I could always see him. I knew his form as much as the one he had given me, but not like this. Not him offering himself.

His answer came in silence. A slight nod, as he sat up to remove his shirt, tossing it to the floor. I was entranced as he sat beside me, bare-chested, breathing hard. Penn seemed to consider himself for a moment before unzipping his pants. He laid back down, lifting his ass off the bed and sliding the jeans down until he kicked them off his feet.

He lay there beside me, eyes shifting toward me. When he saw my intent gaze, he grinned crookedly, before hooking his thumbs under the elastic band of his boxer briefs and sliding them down. I followed the movement, watching as his cock sprung free. As nervous as he seemed, his body was fully on board with what was happening. He was hard. There was no pretense between us. No imagining it was for someone else. It was for me and me alone.

“Alright, I’m naked. Now what?” I wanted to run my hands over him, to touch and taste all of him. I wanted to know what he felt like, what he tasted like, I wanted to know…everything.


If I Could Wish is currently available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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