The Prince's Vessel (Duty & Magic: MM Modern Day Regency) by S. Rodman

When Prince Wilhelm is offered a vessel for the night he does not expect to fall for the beautiful and strong-willed Jem. But no matter the attraction, Jem knows he cannot be claimed by a prince, and Will is naive to think otherwise. But love can overcome everything at least that's what Will hopes and then Jem can be his forever. The Prince's Vessel is from the modern day regency series, Duty & Magic.

From the blurb:

Most men would be flattered to be sent to a prince’s bed.

To me it’s just a chore. I’ve been giving my magic and my body to mages my whole adult life. So when Prince Wilhelm is in London for King Charles’s coronation and I’m provided as hospitality, along with the champagne and the penthouse suite, I’m not impressed. It’s just another night.

He is just going to use me, take my magic and send me on my way. I know how it goes.

I’m never going to be treated any other way. I’m the disgraced younger brother of Duke Sothbridge. Ostracized from society since I was a teenager. Considered good enough for only one thing.

He is a prince, not Prince Charming, and I’m nobody's Cinderella.

Fairy tales are just that, tales. One night won’t change everything.


When Jem walks into the room, I’m blown away. He is utterly gorgeous, and his magic sings to mine like no other ever has. He is also as feisty as hell. I’ve never been more smitten.

He is only here for the night but I have a feeling by morning light I’m going to want to keep him. Which won't be a problem, I always get what I want and why would he turn me down?

I think this night will change everything.

The Prince's Vessel contains, hurt/comfort, a happy ever after ending, a charming prince, and leaving a plug behind instead of a slipper.

It also contains content that may be disturbing for some readers. Please use the 'Look Inside' feature to view the copyright page for further information.

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SNik's Review:

Fifth in series (Duty & Magic), it can be read as a standalone but might be more enjoyable if read in order as there are shared characters in the series and a unique universe. Paranormal. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Disgraced, that’s all Jem will ever be, and he is forced to give himself to mages when his magic is ripe, his abuse continuing without an end in sight. When Prince Wilhelm is offered Jem as a vessel, he is immediately smitten and wants more than one night, and fortunately as he gets to spend more time with Jem his feelings become more than just physical attraction. 

Jem’s inability to appreciate his own worth is heartbreaking, and Will’s almost innocent pursuit of Jem’s affections is beyond sweet. I enjoyed Jem’s wall of snark he hides behind, and also Will’s complete commitment as he accepts each hurdle and then bravely tries to jump over them to be with Jem. 

A really entertaining read with a good amount of steamy interactions, with some stumbling and overcoming of misconceptions, miscommunications, threats, and taking a risk no matter what others think.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Will, or Prince Wilheim, in The Prince's Vessel is such a green flag! He thinks about consent, the power dynamic and how things appear to Jem throughout. He tries so damn hard for things to work out so that he and Jem can be happy together.

This story was less connected to the series in my opinion, but Harry and Colby do feature throughout.
Jem is feisty and smart. I really enjoyed his character. All that he's gone through has left him damaged but he held onto his hope. Will makes that worth it

The next book is set up and I'm loving the direction it's going in. I wonder if that butler is a demon!

Rating: 5 Stars

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