Should the Sky Fall (Who we are Book 1) by Amithia Raine

A horrible marriage, a terrible accident, a second chance? Dawson was planning on leaving Cal, but now his husband is like a totally different person, one that is caring, kind, and loving, not drunk, abusive and cruel. Is Dawson crazy for starting to fall for his husband again, knowing Cal could revert to his horrendous former self, or is it worth the risk for an unexpected possibly soul deep love even if it's with a different man than he first married.

From the blurb for Should the Sky Fall:

After a terrible accident, most people would spend day and night at their husband's side, praying for him to pull through. To wake up.

Dawson isn't most people. Then again, it's not unreasonable to want to be rid of the man who's made your life a living hell for the past six years.

Except when Cal wakes up, he's nothing like the man who'd put bruise after bruise on Dawson's body and shattered his soul. Cal has no memory of any of that. He remembers nothing, including his own name.

Dawson should walk away. Cal might not remember, but Dawson does. He remembers everything. By all rights, he should run and never look back.

What he absolutely should not do is start falling for him, for this man who wears his husband's face but feels like home, not like someone Dawson should fear.

It might make him the most horrible person on the planet, but if Dawson had one wish, he'd wish for Cal's memories to never come back.

132k words/450 pages

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SNik's Review:

First in series (Who We Are). Slightly paranormal. Hurt/comfort. Slow burn. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Dawson’s marriage is an abusive nightmare, and when Cal is in a horrible car accident, there’s a big part of Dawson that hopes he doesn’t recover. But when Cal wakes up and has full retrograde amnesia, it’s like he’s a different person, and Dawson knows he should leave but can’t make himself abandon Cal. 

Dawson has to negotiate his ability to forgive and forget when Cal is totally unlike the person he was before, whether that is reasonable, and can he start a new relationship with a different person with the face of someone that hurt him badly. 

Should the Sky Fall was different than I expected, the amnesia and innocent feelings of love Cal had for Dawson were the stepping stones to building a new relationship, where the paranormal bits were not the main focus. 

Honestly, I can’t discuss too much without spoilers, but Cal’s sweetness and commitment to Dawson’s happiness was an important part of how their relationship blossomed. Dawson’s ability to still love after having suffered horribly, and the possibility of loving someone’s soul and being willing to sacrifice everything for that love was heartwarming. 

Debut novel from this author (great job!), and a fantastic start to a new series.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Miki J's Review:

After a very dark and intense beginning (TW's!!!!), this book will take you apart literally and you'll slowly get back together by the end... with a couple of step-backs along the way. Nothing is held back here and it will be a battle to get to the end... but it's worth it!!  

It is sweet (hehehehe) and endearing and very much a slow burn... but it's also healing and hopeful... 

Beautifully dark and intensely sweet... Loved every  word of it!! Sometimes a clean slate is required to get that happy ending.

Rating: 5 Stars

Molly Otto's Review:

Well, that's a debut with a twist that makes certain feelings you have toward someone justified. The book does start off rough with how bad the relationship is before the accident.

 Once leaving the hospital, you slowly but surely see these two learn to trust and fall in love. Dawson is the most compassionately beautiful soul who, despite everyone's opinion, chooses to help Cal, even though he really doesn't deserve it, by anyone's standards. Cal shows him how much he has changed (thank you, amnesia), so they get this second chance at love. 

A remarkable second chance story with a supernatural twist that makes the events so much better than they could have been.

Rating: 5 Stars

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