Reluctant Renegade: Rebel Kings MC: Decoy & Folk by Garrett Leigh

Reluctant Renegade is 5th in the Rebel Kings series, Decoy and Folk's story.

From the blurb:

“I was never scared of dying until I loved you.”

The shy single dad and the gentle assassin. Domestic bliss and a bloodthirsty revenge mission battle it out in the emotional fifth instalment of the bestselling Rebel Kings MC series.

I met a dude in a bar once. Tall and strong, he had moon-blue eyes and tawny hair, and he moved with the grace of a lion.

It didn’t pan out, but that’s a theme in my life, and I’ve spent the last five years knowing that kind stranger dodged a bullet.

Divorced and miserable, I’m not exactly a catch.

But the thing is, that man...he’s not a stranger anymore.

And he’s as beautiful as I remember.

Everything you want in a fake boyfriend, right?

Don’t ask me to explain that one. But let me tell you this: I thought my biggest fear was losing my daughter. Then Folk came home, and I realised you can give your heart to more than one person.

We have a second chance. Goddamn, we deserve it.

But this life, man. It’s a journey.

And there’s no guarantees we’ll both make it to the end.

Reluctant Renegade is an MM/gay biker/MC romance. Content warnings for everything you’d expect in a sizzling biker romance, in addition to divorce/custody stress, addiction, and mental health rep.

Sheena's Review:

This is the 5th entry in the Rebel Kings series, and this time it's Decoy and Folk's story.  While you could read as a standalone, it's far better read as part of the series. 

This series has fast become a favourite of mine, I love all these biker boys and this was the fastest I ever opened a book after getting it, I literally couldn't, and didn't, wait to read it. I wasn't disappointed. I loved Decoy and Folk's story, it has a very different vibe to the others in the series, Decoy is a different brother in that he's just trying to raise his family in impossible circumstances, with the ex-wife from the depths of darkest hell. That woman is truly awful, we have had a taste of her behavior in previous books, but here we really find out the depths she will go to. Ivy - Decoy's daughter - is a delight and deserves everything good. As does Decoy himself, and he and Folk together are wonderful.

I knew so little about Folk before this story, and finding out his backstory was a joy, he and Decoy just work so well together, I loved every minute of this story. From Folk's friendship with Alexei, and their joint ... endeavours, to Decoy and Folk and their 'fake' relationship that fast becomes real, to the ex-wife finally getting what she truly deserved. And finally, I would NOT mess with Orla, she's scary.  

This was utterly perfect and everything I wanted for Decoy and Folk.  Bring on the next, because I love this series so much.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reluctant Renegade is available to buy as an ebook.