Possessive Love cover reveals and an exclusive snippet

Starting from September 1st, the multi-author series, Possessive Love, will be releasing their demon/human pairing stories. Not to be missed!

So far 5 covers have been revealed. Check out each author's reader group for their exclusive link for entry into a massive giveaway. 

Up for grabs is a $65 Amazon gift card, a $35 Amazon gift card and an e-book from each author. Giveaway closes on August 15th.

My Demon Rebound by Ashlynn Mills (Mill's Madhouse)

Everything's perfect. I'm finally happy and marrying the man of my dreams…until I find my soon to be husband naked with his best man in one of the bathroom stalls on my wedding day.

Even more crushing is that he only stayed with me because it was what his parent's wanted. He never loved me.

Wanting to escape the embarrassment and mess of my life, I go on my honeymoon alone to a beach far away.

As beautiful as the view is, it's also lonely and a reminder of the worst day of my life. Then the power goes out from a bad storm and I wander outside to find the fuse box, falling over a strange looking tree.

Instead of waking up alone, I'm lying next to a strange looking man who keeps telling me he's a demon and that he's here because of me. My life will never be the same.

At first, I want it to be a dream. I've got to wake up sometime. Then I find myself getting so lost in his world, that nothing else makes sense.

A Slice For My Demon by K.L. Hiers and Mozzarus Scout (Kat's hot Dog Shed)

Kevin Hamill has never felt like he belonged. Despite a successful pizza restaurant and a lucrative side gig at a local bar, happiness is fleeting and his relationships fizzle out fast. He's convinced there's something wrong with him. He's empty inside, cursed with a void that nothing has ever been able to fill, and he feels trapped in his humdrum small town routine, left yearning for more.

His ordinary life quickly turns extraordinary when he meets Percival Pearl, a man who claims to be a demon and desperately wants to take Kevin to bed. Even though Kevin thinks Percy is nuts, he's happy for a change of pace and accepts his advances. Percy is charming, handsome, and makes Kevin feel whole for the first time in his life. Percy is definitely strange, but there's no way the man could actually be a demon...


The truth is more bizarre than Kevin could ever imagine and results in a cross-country road trip on an epic quest of self-discovery and intimate exploration with the hope he can make it back home alive when unexpected dangers threaten his life and his blossoming romance with his new demon boyfriend.

I didn't expect the summoning spell I found on Tik Tok to work.

I'm Saint. I'm your average, run-of-the-mill, overstressed college sophomore. My Daddy prospects are nil, and that's assuming I even have time for a partner.

Ha. An English major with free time. That's a good one.

When I use a spell I found in a viral Tik Tok video to help me with an assignment, the last thing I expect is for a six-foot-ten blue-skinned protector demon to show up in the campus library.

My demon's name is Onyx, and he's an Etruscan demon who's last master locked him in a tomb for three thousand years. Onyx tells me that he's here to do my bidding and I think that sounds great, to be honest. He quickly finishes my classwork and even makes a new game I've wanted appear out of nowhere.

Onyx's assistance comes with a price. As it turns out, he was shut up in the cave because his last master refused to pay up.

I ask Onyx what his price is, and he tells me he demands... cuddles. And kisses. And lots and lots of... other things.

Looks like I conjured up more than I bargained for...

My Daddy Demon is a paranormal MM Daddy romance with a sweet college student who needs hugs, a demon Daddy with a gentle hand, and a sugary sweet guaranteed happily ever after.

He was supposed to summon a familiar, not a husband!

After numerous failed attempts to summon a familiar necessary to guide his considerable magic, Toby was down to his very last try. They would never accept him as a full-fledged member of his birth coven without a familiar. He didn’t know which punishment was worse; exile or binding his powers forever. Everything was against him, including his abnormally powerful magic and an enemy hiding in plain sight. When the spell takes a dramatic turn, poor Toby is unprepared for the consequences.

Zephyrin is desperate to no longer be the screw up of the family. His parents have had enough on their plate dealing with a family curse. Even knowing that he could be lost to them forever, Zephyrin answers the surprising call for his summoning. After meeting his summoner, Toby, he's positive that he is destined to be by his side as his husband. Maybe having a witch in his corner could break the curse, that is, if Toby lets him visit home.

Unfortunately, Toby has troubles of his own. Can they work together to find a solution to both their problems before the Witch Council tears them apart?

His Demon Husband is a standalone paranormal romance between an overpowered witch and a demon with control issues in the multi-author Possessive Love series.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes it has horns and a tail.

Jacob’s in love. Again. Only, his future husband likes muscular men, and Jacob, well… isn’t. A few sessions at the gym, and he’ll have the leather-clad motorcycle courier eating out of his hand, though. And no, he won’t switch his attentions to his hot new personal trainer. Honestly, he won’t.

Valvach’s not your typical demon, preferring books over torture. Which goes down about as well as you’d expect in Hell. A move to the surface gives him the opportunity to start anew. To stay, he’s going to need to make a friend, someone to help him blend in. And sweet, curly-haired Jacob is the perfect candidate. If he can’t lick him, he can at least spend time with him.

When friendship blossoms into a passion that knows no bounds, Jacob and Val believe they’ve found the perfect match in each other. However, Hell isn’t so accommodating, and they find themselves with a fight on their hands to prevent being torn apart and relegated to different planes of existence.

Exercising a Demon is a MM paranormal romantic comedy featuring a demon who’s more of a lover than a fighter, a human who might finally have found the man/demon of his dreams, steamy sexual liaisons involving a tail, and a sweet demon/human pairing who accept each other for who they are and embrace each other’s quirks.

My Demon Husband exclusive snippet. This is unedited and subject to change.

Toby's POV

The faint light from the moon hit the spell perfectly. I glanced at the words Oscar had given me. This spell was slightly different, he had said. It funneled the magic through the glyphs better. It would help me channel my weird magic. With Oscar being so good at magic and since I still struggled with witch tongue, the spell language we all used, I went with it. August had checked it and congratulated Oscar, grudgingly, of course, so I guess it was good.

The spell was difficult to pronounce, so Oscar had helped me write it out phonetically, much like Tabitha had done when I was twelve. It gave me a warm feeling to have my friend looking out for me like my sibling. After our last attempt, Tabitha was staying clear, plus she had my niece to look after. Our little Star.

Now that the bells were ringing out midnight, I began the chant; the words slipping off my tongue once I started, feeling familiar and friendly. Never in my life had the witch tongue left so natural in my mouth.

In my periphery, I caught August frowning as my words became clearer, more confident. It didn't stop me, even as Oscar stepped closer, putting up a hand as if to stop me.

My magic rushed out from me, the trace of it on the air was the same cornflower blue as my eyes. Each of the glyphs lit up with the same color, similar to a time before, when I thought the spell was going to work.

Alarmed, some of the witches surged forward, reaching for me. Their hands bounced off a barrier. It was like I was in a glass dome, even their shouts were muffled.

Yet, even with all the fear and panic, all I could focus on was how good the words felt. I wasn't even reading them off the sheet now, they were forming all of their own. It was just easier to go with the flow of my magic, let it guide me into summoning forth my familiar, the being that would help me hone my magic properly. The one that I would blood bond with.

In the center of the clearing, I saw a form appear from pale blue smoke. At first it was incorporeal. Then finally, as my magic came to an end with a last surge. It took shape.

I'd finally done it. I'd summoned a familiar.

All around me, as my familiar became clear to all, there were gasps and shouts of horror.

What had I done?

The first book in the Possessive Love Series, My Demon Rebound is out September 1st