Perfect Blend, A Dahlia Springs Novella by Lee Blair

Perfect Blend was previously released for the Class of 21/22 giveaway, and is now available on Amazon with a few expanded updates.

From the blurb:

Moving on after a divorce sucks, especially in a small town where everyone’s all up in your business.
And they’re always in my business, given that I run the only coffee shop in town. I miss having someone to come home to, but focusing on my work gives me a purpose and won’t end in heartache. I couldn’t have made it this far without my friend Bricker from the online queer divorce support group. We tell each other everything. Well, everything except the personal details.

When Mikey, my high school crush, visits Dahlia Springs to write a story about our Pride Festival, I share my apprehension and excitement about falling for someone again with Bricker. Funny, he's in the same situation himself. I’m worried I’ll need Bricker’s support more than ever, because I’m falling for Mikey fast, and if he gets the promotion he’s expecting, he’ll be halfway across the country by next month.

But Mikey says he has feelings for me too, and he proves it by donning sequins and high heels to help me save our amateur drag night. I can’t ask him to give up his dream job, and everything I have is tied to Dahlia Springs.

I hope Bricker’s ready for all the messages I’m about to send him.

Perfect Blend is a low angst MM novella featuring friends to lovers, a secret online identity, and a swoon-worthy HEA. This is a standalone story set in Lee Blair’s Dahlia Springs universe.

**The story was previously posted as part of the MM Class of 2021-22 giveaway. This expanded edition includes several new chapters.**

Angel's Review:

This book is about Dave, who owns his own coffee shop in Dahlia Springs, he's one of the focal points in the town. Not only because of his coffee but also because he is the one who organizes the drag race, along with the fundraising for different LGBTQIA charities. After his divorce he doesn't know how to be interested in anyone after that. Until someone he went to high school with comes into town to do an article about the pride festivities that occurs in Dahlia Springs.

Mikey is also divorced and he is very hesitant to put himself back out there. When he discovers a discord group he joins it immediately. Upon joining the server 'Jack' becomes his closest confidant. Neither of these men know who they're actually talking to, until... They do. 

I quite liked this story, it was so cute and sweet. With just the right amount of heartfelt scenes, this is very low on the spice which is very fitting with the story. I enjoyed the pace of this book, it was very nice. I loved all the details that were written to help us envision not only the town, but also all of the festivities that were going on in Dahlia Springs. I also appreciated how the relationship between Mikey and Dave was handled, nothing happened too fast, or too slow, but just happened naturally. And, when they did find out who they've been talking to on Discord, neither of these men had a big 'freak out' moment. Dave needed space, and Mikey respected that. 

The way this book ended was so sweet! The best scene of them all! Overall a cute, short story that'll make you smile. This book was also my first foray into Lee Blair's writing, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it!

Perfect Blend is a low angst MM novella featuring friends to lovers, a secret online identity, and a swoon-worthy HEA. This is a standalone story set in Lee Blair’s Dahlia Springs universe.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Heather's Review:

I am ashamed to say that I downloaded the freebie version of this book during the Class of 2021/22 giveaway and it remains unread on my TBR, so when the opportunity to ARC the expanded version was presented, I decided that it was fate...

This quirky novella was sweet, just a little bit spicy and gave us lovely small town Pride vibes!  I truly enjoy the Dahlia Springs universe and love the twists and turns that Dave and Mikey go through in re-connecting!

I also love the interplay between Bricker and Jack and the dimensions that brings to the story!  Honestly, I didn't want it to end.  I wish Lee had gone full novel on the additions, but it was a quick and sweet read!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Perfect Blend is available to buy with in ebook and paperback formats.